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    Serbian singer overshadowes others on Eurosong

    Finale at the end of the evening placed Albania, Armenia, Russia, Romania, Hungary, Greece, Estonia,…

    Read the full story here



    It would be better if she sing in serbian ..now almost every country sing in english ..



    Every country should sing in their native language.They don’t sound representative in English…



    Last time Serbia won and last time Serbia was close to winning representatives were singing in Serbian, she should have sung in Serbian too.

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    @”Bogdan Nemanjic” crowd is biased, they vote for something they understand and with what they are more familiar. Thus why all lean towards English slowly, because everyone can understand it. What can you do.



    To hell with Serbia.



    @”Vlad Țepeș” why would you write something like that on a Slavic forum? I’ve never met a Romanian that doesn’t like Serbia. (I’m presuming that you’re Romanian because of your name)



    Did she outconchita the wurst, or am I thinking about a different eurosong contest?



    @”Dušan” I’m Serbian and
    1. The music of this song is bad
    2. The vocals are bad
    3. The message behind the lyrics is bad

    So, to hell with Serbia for sending this land whale to Eurovision, and to hell with Serbia for even taking part in that contest of degeneracy. I’m glad that the Russians gave Serbia only one point, I’m glad all those revolting morons I call my countrymen got pissed.



    @”Vlad Țepeș” I agree with you about the song. You shouldn’t characterize a person based on her physical appearance even though it’s obesity and she could change that herself. You and I both know that Serbians don’t support message song is sending, so why saying “to hell with Serbia” when people are essence of the country.



    The Serbian songs in Serbian were always my favourites, “Lane Moje” and “Ovo je Balkan” (never mind the lyrics of the latter one) – Slavic melodies, traditional instruments, Slavic language.
    So, this year Montenegro would of course have been my number one of all:
    Maybe Germany should send a Sorb next time, singing in Sorbian of course. ;)



    Because such obesity indicates a lack of impulse control, which is a bad characteristic to have. But, that’s not all- she goes as far as saying that fat is beautiful, and that beauty itself lies in everyone, and that we are all equals. I’ll go Nietzschean here and say that equality is indeed a false god. Nietzshe was right when he said that God is dead and that we killed him. And, what have we gotten in return? Konchita Wurst and Bojana Stamenov? An almighty God for this? Was it worth it?

    Well, Serbia is dead, too. Will a phoenix rise from the ashes of it, or will the wind blow them to nothingness? I think that the latter situation is a much more likely scenario.



    @”Vlad Țepeș” Sorry, but you made me laugh with that phoenix :D Conhita’s song was “Rise Like a Phoenix”. Don’t worry, Serbia will live and will become great (not in territorial sense), Neither Turks nor Germans could destroy her, why would you think these things could?



    The future is dark and full of unpredictability.

    Btw, obesity doesn’t necessarily indicate lack of impulse control – it may as well be due to genetics and/or various kinds of illnesses (including the possibility of mental ones – can you really dismiss buimia as simple lack of impulse control?).



    @NikeBG All of that can be cured with more or less effort.

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