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    Hello dear Slavs! Welcome to my post!

    Throughout history, my people has been influenced by many cultures, but even though it went through many difficulties, it has still preserved the Slavic cultural spiritual core, while it has widened and deepened our perception of this world. The singing is typically Slavic, while the rhythm of the music is influenced by typically Balkanic, and Byzantine instruments. Some of them have also Oriental tones, but this counts only for the southern parts of our country, Kosovo and Metohia. The voices mostly mimic the echoes of the surrounding nature, while the plots of the songs vary. Most of them are about love and nature, rich with symbolical meanings, that makes them, apart from sounding very beautiful, even more interesting. I'll post a description of each of the songs that I'm gonna post.

    I hope you'll like them, as much as I do.

    Madam Piano & Teodulija – Duni mi, duni, lađane … The plot of the song literally is about a girl that is calling her beloved to come to her scented garden, so that she could kiss him. My personal interpretation is, that the song has a bit perverted meaning. She's calling him, so that they could make love, and the scented garden is like an association to her, for a man, attractive female genitalia.  ;D

    Rašanke – Oj, Ružice Rumena … One young girl is moaning about her premature'd love, because the one that she already loves has left her, and won't be coming back to her for couple of years.

    Braća Teofilović & Miroslav Tadić – Rosna Livada … The song tells a story of a "good" girl, that is in the early morning playing in the dewy meadow, and is stringing flowers into a circle. In that peaceful environment she suddenly fell asleep. After a while, a boy came on the street saw her sleeping, so he waked her up, because the sun has started to shine strongly.

    Etno Grupa Trag – Mesečina … A love song from the Kosovo and Metohija region. A boy talks to his mom, because of his heavy lament. The night has been bright because of the strong moonlight, so he could see how some guy is taking his beloved into the woods, so he could make love with her.  :-[ :'(

    Braća Teofilović & Miroslav Tadić – Navali se Šar Planina … "The Avalanche on Sharr Mountain" is a well known song with many versions and variants present throughout the Balkan region. Its story takes place on the rugged Sharr mountain which lies along the border of Kosovo and Macedonia. Three shepherds are buried in an avalanche and each of them is pleading with the mountain to let him go. The first one says that his wife is waiting for him, the second one says the same about his sister and the third one about his mother. Then the mountain speaks: the wife will mourn for one year, sister for three, but the mother will mourn forever.

    Teodulija & Madam Piano & Cune Gojković – Marijo, Deli Bela Kumrijo … A song from the city of Prizren, Kosovo & Metohija region. It's singing about a Turkish landowner who's watching a passing young girl that is walking slowly with her lowered head. He asks her if it's due her heavy clothing, or because of the vessel full of water that she's carrying. She answers him that it's not because nether of those, but it's because her beloved one is far away.

    Anđela & Dragan Jovanović – Moj Golube … "My dove" is maybe one of the best known songs in Serbia. It originates from the western Serbia. The song is a prayer of a farmer, who begs the nature (doves and branches) not to disturb the ripening of the raspberries by falling onto them. The raspberries will fall by themselves when they're ripe, like the girls and boys tears, he says. (We Serbs are very emotional :'( :))

    Vasilisa – Rasti, Rasti Moj Zeleni Bore … "Grow, Grow My Green Pine" Is a love song from Kosovo and Metohija. A girl begs a pine tree to grow, so she could climb onto it's top, so that she can see her beloved who's far away from her sleeping surrounded by green grass.  Even the girls from medieval times were stalkers. ::) :P

    Bilja Krstić – Uspavanka … "Lullaby" Song known throughout the whole Serbia, and far above. It's a lullaby that mom's have singed to their children to fall asleep.

    Teodulija – Pesma Kosovskih Junaka … A song sung to depict the warriors who went to the iconic Kosovo battle, to defend their children and Christianity against the Ottoman hordes. It's a farewell of the warriors to their children and the nature (everything that they've loved) just before their departure to Kosovo Polje.

    Belo Platno – Udade Se Jagodo … Another love song from Kosovo. A boy cries out for his beloved girl who married another guy. He asks her why did she betray him, because they were promised for eachother. She answers him that it wasn't her wish, her parents gave her to another man without asking her.

    Belo Platno – Gusta Mi Magla Padnala … A song from the area of Štrpce, southern part of Kosovo. That's a rough translation: "Thick fog has fallen on that flat, wide Kosovo. Nothing can be seen, nothing living except a huge tree and underneath a couple of tailors making a suit for me. There are as many patterns on it as stars in the sky."

    That's all from me, for now.

    If you have any Serbian songs that you like, I'd love if you'd add them in this discussion.

    And if you have something to propose to me from another country, I'm open for suggestions. :)

    Svako dobro, dobri ljudi,




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