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    Good or bad picture for Serbian women. How much truth is in it? tl;dr:

    1. Serbian women are beautiful.

    2. Feminine but ready for westernization.

    3. They speak English.

    4. I recommend day game over nightgame.

    5.Foreigners are liked.

    6.Two types, chicks that listen to local and others that listen to American music.

    7.You will have better chances if you show appreciation for Serbian Culture(learn some words and how to drink rakija).

    8. Serbian girls are flaky.

    9. Social circle is important here.

    10. Serbian guys are tall and alpha but chill.

    11. Be ready for bitch shield.

    12. Slut shaming is big.

    13. Master isolation from friends.

    14. Girls that came to Belgrade from other cities are very hypergamous.

    15. Lot of sponsors aka sponzoruse.

    16. Girls that are over 28 will test you all the time.

    17. Fashion. There is everything from nicely dressed to hipsters.

    18. Make up industry is big.

    19. Serbian people love to dance.

    20. Avoid talking about politics if your only source is CNN or BBC.



    They are beautiful in my eyes.



    Agree with @Sviatogor, I generally find Serbian women attractive meaning it’s rare that I’ve seen one repulsive or very unattractive. I think hypergamy is a big deal which leads to other negative stereotypes too. Of course they are over exaggerated in many cases but there are grains of truth with it. In my experience with Serbian women when I presented myself as more “American” (I speak English with no Slavic accent but rather a Californian West U.S. accent) I found women from Serbia to be more distant and cautious but when I started speaking Croatian ( Slavic, Serbian) they opened up a lot more and considered me ‘in’ to be more personable. Serbian-American women tend to prefer Serbian men exclusively in contrast to Serbian women I’ve known from the ‘old country’ who have more open preferences. 



    i can speak about one serbian girl, most beautiful creature of entire vojvodina. probably should marry her but then im an idiot



    I found good article about Serbian women here http://www.rebornmasculinity.com/everything-about-serbian-women/



    I love Serbian women.



    Dear goodness, a pick-up artists’ site! A man can hardly get any more disgusting than that, in my book at least.





    I’m happy I didn’t marry my ex from Serbia. That would’ve been a huge mistake and it has nothing to do with her being Serbian. Our personalities clashed and we had different priorities though there was a time she really really wanted to get married but I declined to go that far. Thankfully I finally  met the right woman for me and only in hindsight could I compare. 



    I have a good opinion on women, yes.



    Bullshit list. Foreigners’ manual to get lucky in Serbia? srsly



    serbian women are in average hot just like everywhere in balkan. unfortunately our, balkan girls, who are at least pretty or hot, are very hard to get: they mostly care about money, social status, assertiveness… yes, i know, many would say that woman are like that everywhere, but here in balkan it’s just more noticeable than in western countries, for example, if you ask me. they also, when they go to clubs on weekends,  dress pretty slutty as soon as they hit early teenage years in search for the “right boyfriend”, and later “right man”. 



    That’s post-communistic syndrome in almost entire Eastern Europe :D



    one more thing. although a male hetero, i never understood that male adoration of women because i don’t what’s the purpose. i mean, it won’t make you any closer to some girl, you won’t fuck more just because you flatter them. on contrary, it will only make them more “hard to get”. in economy terms, demand increases the price of supply :)



    I wouldn’t say it’s typical for Eastern Europe. In fact, many attractive women here don’t go to the clubs and they don’t seem to care about the money itself but about a guy not being a loser who needs a nanny.

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