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    Interesting new documentary covering a wide-scope of Slavic history, what do you guys think?



    Sounds like pseudo-history. And that’s coming from an historian. Btw, how many Serbs believe in the ‘Srbenda’ theory?



    It mentions the Chronicles of Fredegar and the Da Administrando Imperio, which checks out



    Niklot_56 I don’t mean that everything in the documentary is false but the narrative is and some of the things referred to in the documentary are false (like the mention of the Antes being descended from ancient Serbs and that the Serbs got their name from an ancient deity).



    Trash, with a capital T.



    Oh, these Balkan idiocies are so amusing! Too bad I don’t know any English-narrated equivalent from my country, but otherwise you can find the same nonsense here as well. I really liked how the movie started with Mongolian throat singing, followed by a bunch of Gypsies in some post-apocalyptic setting though. :D




    Meh, that’s just a YouTube slideshow – we have lots of those. I was talking about semi-professional documentary-looking movies, maybe some autochtonist stuff, like this (but a documentary):

    Though I’d be especially interested if they made this into a documentary. :D



    Svevlad  “(like the mention of the Antes being descended from ancient Serbs and that the Serbs got their name from an ancient deity).”

    Yeah I was skeptical about that too. But there are some sources in the description apparently non-Serbian Slavic historians have claimed this.  Did you read that?



    Niklot_56 Can you name some historians or books that make that claim?




    Here I copied and pasted from the video:

    Procopius: “the Sclavenes and Antes spoke the same language, but did not trace their common origin back to the Venethi but to a people called “Sorboi””. (550ad)
    Bavarian Geographer: “the people named Zeruiani had so large a realm that all Slavic peoples originated from them”. (870ad)
    Czech historian Josef Dobrovský: “If I had to give a common name for all the Slavs, it would be the name Serb”. (1813)
    Polish Historian Lorenz Surowiecki: “The name Serb is older than Slav for all peoples of Wendic ancestry”. (1828)
    Slovak historian Jozef Safarik: “Serbs was the oldest generic name for all Slavs” (1849). 



    Reminds me of one guy here who in the past was spreading info about Jesus being a Serb, Spartacus being a Serb, and technically everyone was a Serb. 



    Hah, fools. Every one of those mentioned was actually Bulgarian. Unless they meant Judas. He might’ve been a Serb.



    Actually, the Procopius quote is presented incorrectly. The original goes as follows:
    “By the way, originally even the name of the Slavs [Sklavenoi] and the Antes was one and the same, because in olden times both the former and the latter were called “Sporoi”, I think because they lived dispersed in their land.”
    Similar subtle manipulations of the sources can also be found in the first (BG) video I posted, btw.



    NikeBG most historians consider that to be a latin corruption of the word Serboi/Sorboi though. 

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