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    There are some astonishing giant mega structures and alien formations which definitively don´t look like nomadic mongoloids would have built them. Most of these amazing gigastructures are still unknown, but they are there, in the middle of nowhere.
    Don´t you think history is a little bit censored or written by nomadics and hunter- gatherers?!

    A Thrilling Secret of the Patomskiy Crater and Amazing Alien Formations in Siberia!





    Are you Lloyd the Library Rat? Anyway, it was MOST LIKELY the Annunaki, genetically engineered humans from the more primitive species that inhabited Earth during our ancient past who created these amazing alien formations in Siberia. Some say, Russians are direct descendants of the Annunaki. IDK, what do you think?



    I think too they were Anunnakis or related to them who constructed these site. What it comes to Russian- Anunnaki- relation, Scythians descended from Sumerian priestly class and Sumerian priestly class from Anunnakis, I think. Furthermore, there are GIANT mosaics (and totally unknown?), presenting Euripides and aliens, in the Amurskaya region. All the foundations are made in the same way, also a road or a structure leading to the Kondyor Massif. 

    amurskaya mosaiikki2

    amurskaya mosaiikki5

    This mosaic pictured in different angles could present an alien craft In the other hand it could be a giant flower




    For secret aliens to be what have had for building, would have megastructures done to aliens, if aliens have be doing of Siberia like that?



       ancient aliens meme



    I had no idea they had megastructures in Serbia. But it all makes sense now. I guess.

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