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    The Mahoning Valley has a proud ethnic heritage. This history has been highlighted at different festivals and events held in recent years all around our region. Simply Slavic’s mission is dedicated to educating both the large number of local Slavic descendents and the Greater Youngstown community-at-large about Slavic heritage. We plan to showcase the rich traditions of Slavic culture by celebrating the food, music, dance and customs of the various Slavic ethnicities which are represented in our metropolitan area. We will present information regarding the European nations from which our beloved ancestors arrived. By expanding the community’s knowledge through the experience of celebrating Slavic culture, we hope to both honor our ancestors and enrich the lives of all who are exposed.



    [size=12pt]Visit their beautiful site[/size]



    A media coverage of the 2011 Simply Slavic Heritage Festival, worth watching.

    It is truly beautiful to see various Slavs celebrating their heritage on one place. :)

    I would once again say my support for the establishment of the Slavic Diaspora Boards on this forum in which these kinds of festivities as well as other similar organisations could be posted and introduced. Educating our brethren which are abroad about their own heritage is one of the main tasks we encounter today. The more they get aware of their culture, the more support we can expect from them. I believe a closer cooperation and interchange with our diaspora would only profit us.



    I hear this festival is just wonderful! If I was still Stateside I'd definitely try to go one year.



    These festivals are quiet common and are a good way to share people's stories and connect with their culture.  One problem is that many old Slavic areas are in areas that are now slowly dying. Youngstown Ohio has lost half it's population due to the end of the industrial sector of the city.  Now, you see ethnic Slavic churches in areas with no Slavs.

    There is a good one in south New Jersey.  There is a Russian orthodox cathedral that has a Slavic fest in the summer.  My son liked the traditional dancing and music.  The local Greek Catholic church had a three day festival that brought people from all over NJ.  This included the very large Polish community that have come here since 1991.  The priest cut it to one day and lost a great deal of support and interest.

    Glad that you found this story, it's good to see these fairs are in the news

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