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    What is your opinion on the Situation in Syria and on Bashir al Assad?



    Mostly don't care. :)



    I am more Anti-American than I dont care for Syria, so in summ I would like him to stay on power. He is far from being angel, but to be removed just to bring omebody same, but pro-American, no way I would like it.



    Fast forward and Syria will play out like Libya did. Assad will be killed/imprisoned/leave and more radical Muslims will take over. 



    Lose/lose scenario.  Assad is backed by Iran and Hezbollah, while the resistance may be falling under Al-Qaeda influence.



    Support fpr Syria, Assad and baath ideology.



    Ethnic civil war, will drag all regional players into Syria.  Will be worse than Lebanon in the 70's and 80's






    In general, the Alewites are one of the most moderate and secular Muslim sects and in my opinion are preferable to any Arabic Muslims that are backed or in any way or form influenced by the Saudis/Salafis etc.



    it is really to complicated for me to grasp the situation in middle east with all of religion stuff geo-political war of great powers wars for water for oil for pipelines, civil war elements, relations with iranians and saudis, europes role in all of this. i still cant understand war that i witnessed. and have know idea how to got information on ho who is who and what is happening down there. cant say who is good in all that story but i def can say that saudi arabia is main problem.



    Yeah, the US has had a hard on for Iran for over a decade right now, all while their allies, the Saudis have been spending billions of their petro money to spread their cancerous Salafi ideology all over the Muslim world. 

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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