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    The Slavic Brotherhood-2016 international drills will be held on November 2-15 near Belgrade, Serbia.

    A peacekeeping unit of the Belarusian Army’s special operations forces arrived at Russia’s Ivanovo where the 98th Airborne Division of the Russian Armed Forces is deployed. The Belarusian military will be further transferred by Russian military aircraft to Serbia, news ageny BelaPAN reports with reference to Russia’s Defense Ministry. More than 50 Belarusian paratroopers came to Ivanovo from Vitsebsk.

    Furthermore, over 150 members of the Ivanovski Battalion of Russia’s Airborne Troops are expected to take part the joint military exercise.

    “Over 150 paratroopers will represent Russia at the international military drills ‘Slavic Brotherhood-2016’. Taking into account the specific nature and the plan of the drills, the servicemen of the separate reconnaissance battalion of the 98th Airborne Division were chosen to take part in the exercise,” the Russian Defense Ministry’s press service said.

    In September 2015, the joint tactic exercise of Russian, Belarus and Serbian armed forces was held at the Rayevsky range in the Krasnodar Territory on September 2-5, 2015. More than 700 service personnel, including the re-enforced battalion of the 7th Russian Airborne Guards assault division, a separate company of the Serbian Airborne troops, two Belarus special task companies, and more than 20 aircraft took part in the exercises.




    http://eng.mil.ru/en/news_page/country/[email protected]

    Russian Airborne servicemen are participating in the Slavic Brotherhood-2016 international exercise held in Serbia

    The Slavic Brotherhood-2016 international exercise is held in the Belgrade region on November 2-15. Armed Forces of Russia, Belarus, and Serbia are taking part in the exercise.

    More than 150 Russian servicemen from the separate reconnaissance battalion of the 98th Airborne division are participating in the exercise.

    Three BMD-2 IFVs, a crew of the Tahion unmanned aerial vehicle, and four quad bikes for performing reconnaissance tasks are to be projected together with the personnel to Serbia.  

    The first Slavic Brotherhood-2016 exercise was held last year at the Rayevsky range (Novorossiysk region).




    Russia and NATO holding parallel drills
    Monday, 31 October 2016

    After hearing of Russia’s war games in Serbia, NATO rushed to Serbia’s neighbor Montenegro to hold an emergency exercise drill as the two Balkan neighbors seem to be heading in different directions strategically.


    The five-day drill in Montenegro that started Monday includes fighting floods and chemical attacks. It will involve 680 unarmed personnel from seven NATO countries and 10 partner states.


    The 13-day armed exercise in Serbia, dubbed “The Slavic Brotherhood 2016,” begins Wednesday. It will include 150 Russian paratroopers, 50 air force staffers, 3 transport planes and an unspecified number of troops from Serbia and Belarus, Russia’s Defense Ministry said.


    Both Serbia and Montenegro – a single state before their western sponsored split in 2006 – are traditional Russian Christian Orthodox allies. But since the split, the US led NATO alliance managed to grab a hold of Montenegro by bribing their influential politicians, much to the dismay of the entire country. 


    This included an invitiation for Montenegro to join NATO despite the fact Montenegro has no sizeable army and no air force. There has been strong opposition from Russia as well which has a problem with NATO’s perpetual expansion. Serbia has no plans to join NATO, the Serbs seem to have trouble forgetting the bombing of their schools, bridges and hospitals by NATO back in 2001 which killed hundreds of civilians.  


    Montenegrin officials following the example set by Clinton’s presidential campaign, have accused Russia of standing behind an alleged coup on election day earlier in October to topple the pro-Western government because of its NATO bid. Each time Montenegrins rise to protest their corrupt Government installed with US meddling, Moscow seems to be the handy scapegoat utilized by Montenegrin officials to stay in power and clamp down hard on protesters.



    Paratroopers from Vitsiebsk are taking part in this exercise together with Russians and Serbs. I served there for 12 months. :)



    The preparations for the biggest Slavic massacre ever. 

    Poland, Croatia, Czech, Slovakia, Ukraine vs Russia, Belarus, Serbia.

    Sounds more like “Catholic Brotherhood” vs “Orthodox Brotherhood” :D



    I hope that Bulgaria wont participate in this shit. 



    This is very funny. Serbia participate in far more military drills with NATO members rather then with Russia. 
    In near future Serbia is going choose Russia or EU. You cannot sit on both chairs.

    And @”Rex Hatson” you should know that Americans have also drills with Serbians…

    PS I found this funny, Russia isn`t the “most” Slavic country in the world. I do not buy that propaganda of “big and strong Russian mother” which is going to take care of smaller Slavic children. I`m perfectly good with NATO and EU status of my country, Croatia.  

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