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    There are few topics with folk songs, but what about dance? From traditional to modern choreographies only inspirated by folklore – everything counts :)

    I start with Slovak, as always :3
    Detvianske rozkazovačky
    Watch till end ;) Folk dancers from Detva (region Podpoľanie, Central Slovakia) having fun :D

    Myjavské zdvíhačky
    Myjava (Western Slovakia) is known for creations where men are literaly "holding" women in the air :)

    Dupák is expanded mostly in regions Horehronie and Liptov (Central Slovakia), and isn't difficult physically, but rhytmically.

    These are one of those choreographies that can no longer be considered as "traditional", cause they're very stylizated and they have story.
    Pozdišovskí hrnčiari
    It's about potters, and girls represents material :)

    Kinda interesting – Americans versus Slovaks ;D

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