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    Here are a few internationally recognized dog breeds from Slovakia. I’m curious to see other dog breeds from other Slavic countries.


    A sheep guarding Dog developed by shepherds in the Tatras to protect livestock from wolves, bears, and other predators. It is renouned for its speed despite its large size.


    Slovak scent hound used mostly for boar hunting.


    A Slovak shepherd dog used mostly as a pet. Is said to have been developed from older german shepherd type dogs brought by the germans during the world wars but which were too docile for military and police work.


    The breed was formed by mixing German Shepherds and the Carpathian Wolf. Developers wanted a dog that would be trainable and obedient like the German Shepherd but have the strength and stamina of the Carpathian wolf. Its used mostly in police and military work.


    a Slovak gun dog used obviously for hunting developed shortly after the second world war.



    A sheep guarding Dog developed by shepherds in the Tatras to protect
    livestock from wolves, bears, and other predators. It is renouned for
    its speed despite its large size.

    Oh, it’s the dog from Večerníček and Maťko a Kubko.


    Although looking at Maťko and Kubko, the dog doesn’t look like he’s doing a good job at protecting the livestock from bears. :D



    @”Kapitán Denis”
    you cant get more slovak than this. 



    look at this dog from former Yugoslavia. What a beast and so beautiful at the same time. 





    you cant get more slovak than this

    Yea, drunk grandpa lighting up the sky at midnight. :D



    Serbia has five autochthonous recognized dog breeds:

    1. srdceleva already posted Šarplaninac (from Šar planina-Šar mountain) or Yugoslav Shepherd Dog. It’s an old breed common for mountainous regions, officially recognized in 1939. Used as shepherd dogs and as protection from wolves. They are extremely loyal.

    2. Srpski pastirski pas (Serbian Shepherd Dog)

    it’s a new breed, first introduced in 2004, officially recognized in 2009. It’s similar in size to Šarplaninac and has similar uses and traits.

    3. Srpski gonič (Serbian Hound) also known as Balkan Hound (until 1996) because of it’s presence across Balkans.

    Officially recognized in 1948. They are natural hunters, full of energy, hardy, intelligent, but hard to train.

    4. Srpski trobojni gonič aka Trobojac (Serbian Tricolor Hound) also known as Yugoslav Tricolor Hound until the breakup of Yugoslavia.

    Officially recognized in 1961. It’s hunting dog, but can be a family dog, although it reacquires a lot of space, activity and attention.

    5. Srpski žuti gonič (Serbian Yellow hound)

    This breed isn’t internationally recognized, but it is in Serbia. It’s a typical hunting dog.

    Out of non recognized breeds SOP comes to my mind, it’s an abbreviation for Srpski odbrambeni pas (Serbian Defence Dog). It was created as a reconstruction of Serbian Mastiff mentioned in medieval sources and used by Serbian nobility. It was created by mixing wolves, tornjaks (sheep dog from Bosnia), Neapolitan mastiffs, rottweilers and American Staffordshire terriers. It’s a huge dog. The creator of the breed takes 1991 as it’s beginning. It’s perfect for training, extremely loyal, reliable and obedient, doesn’t trust strangers and it’s good with children. They have long lifetime 18-20 years, they are very strong and healthy breed, resistant to cold, illness and pain.

       srpski odbrambeni pas ogroman   srpski odbrambeni pas ogroman




    Srpski pastirski pas

    I as a Slovak would translate it as Serbian Shepherd Passport. :D



    that serbian yellow hound looks very related to the hungarian dog Vizsla 


    Also that last dog looks like a beast, and if it lives 18-20 years at that size then its an insanely healthy breed. From all serbian dogs I like the Sarplaninac the best but I would only ever have a dog like that if I had a massive piece of land. 



    @srdceleva Slovak or not, I half-expected someone to start singing “Az sam Sancho, ida ot goritsa…” Brought me right back to my childhood!

    Btw, just for reference, we already have such a thread.



    dang dont know how I missed that thread. I love dogs. 



    Image result for Bohemian Shepherd
    The Bohemian Shepherd, or Chodsky Pes. I definitely want one.



    @texczech82  I legit love that dog. Idk if there are any breeders in the u.s otherwise you’d have to have him imported but it would cost a pretty penny.  



    Yeah, I looked. Booooooo



    @Sviatogor did you ever get a poodle and a border collie? 



    @srdceleva my schoolmate from Gymnasium has a SOP, it’s a beast. I remember when he talked about feeding him, trip to the butcher’s shop was always part of those stories, that dog eats more than a man. He would buy half a pig or bucket of chicken heads which he would boil for his dog.

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