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    Slavic Germany – the untold history of Germany

    Slavic Germany, the untold history of Germans – There was very little known about Slavs and their cu…

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    I wish there would appear more articles like this, as the slavic history in Germany is hardly ever mentioned, at most as a side note. Especially when it comes to archeology, slavic finds are hardly ever mentioned.

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    @Schmierfink well there was a political resentment in two waves, during Nazi Germany that was clearly anti-Slavic due to fear of Russia, and later again Cold-war era against Soviet Union. This are mostly the facts that are hidden and not spoken of, however many common Germans don’t know how much they carry around Slavic segments.

    Just little two facts that most Germans don’t know:

    *Berlin comes from a Slavic word and was a Slavic town in history.
    *German modern anthem is a melody from Croatian song



    @Perun, I know, and many view still Germany as a occupied country so no wonder that information is still very one sided. That is why it is important to let the people know there are a lot more Slavic ties than meets the eye, and that cold war retoric is not exactly helpfull where we all live on this gigantic slab of land Europe and Asia.
    I myself am also very interested as my fathers side of the family is originally for eastern Saxony, which had plenty of slavic influence, as of course on archeological finds, as there are so many things that are found that are just eye openers!



    Why nobody talking about slavic N.Africa, slavic Mid. East, slavic N.China, slavic whole Europe, include G.B. islands and Skandinavia, slavic Japan, slavic N. and part of S. America? stones of slavic temple. Brighton Beach – https://vk.com/album122543060_172261665



    Well in this thread I doubt your wish will come true as it is about the Slavic past of Germany, and since I myself live in Germany, the interest in N.Africa middleeast north China and what ever other region, is not very great.
    Or is Germany so bad that when ever Germany comes up one must switch to another region just not to talk about this country?



    @Hortdlak, furthermore Slavic Mars, Slavic Venus, Slavic Uranus and so on



    It never existed a tribe with the name “slavic” – it is a big lye. The mediaevel chronists used the term “sclaveni” in the meaning “pagans”, and the tribes original names are: Goths, Wandals (= Wends), Gepids, Cimbers, Wenedians and so on. Read my book “Der Slawen-Mythos” (2015). Arpad von Nahodyl Nemenyi



    Lusatian Serbs who live in Germany.



    Hello from Australia could anyone help me discover a surname ? Family name is Pekolj Is it German or Slovenian?



    I am half sorbian with roots from upper Lusatia (Saxony) :)

    They exist.




    Of course Lusatians exist. They even sent a request to Soviet authorities (Stalin) asking for autonomy or independence. Stalin (Georgian to the bone) was most anti-slavic leader in USSR.



    You bet they exist, I’m Polish with Sorbian/Wend roots (again, my surname is of Sorbian/Wend origin).

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