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    Hi, first post here…
    I'm moving into a new apartment soon so I'd like to know more about this topic…Are any of you familiar with any Slavic traditions/rituals intended to bless a new home and its inhabitants?
    Thanks a lot :-)



    Not really, only a few in connection with Christianity …



    Invite them to drink some liquor together ;D



    There are some when you are building your hopuse but dunno about moving to flat.  :D



    Hello and welcome Nora-a!

    Here are a few things, nothing specific for an apartment but you might be able to adapt something to your situation.

    From Custom of Carpatho Rusyn by Pieter Bogatyrev.
    May my hands neither ail nor hurt all year long
    oby ruky cerez celyj rik ni rozyvaly sja ni bolyly

    That no person can come to harm
    toj colovik ne moze upasty v bidu

    That neither warlock not demon may enter
    ta ne zajde ni putnyk ni cort

    It will go well with the household all year long
    ta tohdy vin gazda je na ves rik

    So it is wholesome
    ta ona taka mucna

    That is how it has been since olden times
    a tak izzastara derzut

    This custom must be respected
    bo tak treba, tak hu dno

    Simonov's _Essential Russian Mythology_ (ISBN 1-85538-475-2, p.5):

    "The ancient Russians would arrive in the fields in the early morning
    carrying flasks of hemp oil. An elder would turn towards the east and
    pray, 'Moist Mother Earth, subdue every evil and unclean power so that
    no spell may be cast upon us or no harm come to us.' At the same time,
    the people poured some of the oil on the ground. Then, turning towards
    the west, he would say, 'Moist Mother Earth, engulf the unclean beings
    in your boiling pits, in your scorching flames.' Turning to the south,
    he continued, 'Moist Mother Earth, calm the southerly winds and all
    foul weather; pacify the drifting sands and whirlwinds.' And finally,
    facing the north, he pronounced these words, 'Moist Mother Earth,
    allay the north winds and the clouds, subdue the snowstorms and the
    cold.' At each petition oil was poured out and, when emptied, the
    flasks would be smashed on the ground."



    House warming or house warding? :D

    if it's warming, just use your heat system of your building :D

    If warding…i have a book that speaks of warding practices among the folk (village) population across Slavic countries. One of the common "legends" about that was that people would put an arrows head or axes blade on (above the door, roof etc) their entrance to their house. It was considered that Perun when mad strikes Veles with thunders (with axe and arrows) so by placing that as such on your house would protect you if the thunder good was mad. In reality they believed such method would protect their house from lighting strikes during harsh weather. :)

    Could look up for that book to give a bit more detail on the topic.



    Oh, I just thought of one, though I don't know how originally Slavic it is since others, like Germans or Je'ws use it aswell. Back in the days you offered guests bread and salt when they came to your house. This showed them that you apreciate them and that they're welcome at your place. It was and sometimes still is made in this manner in Slovenia.

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