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    [size=14pt]Creation Myth[/size]


    For example the oldest Croatian traditions say that in the beginning there was nothing, there is
    old-dark, dark sea and sky, the only existing thing created by Rod was World-egg in which
    rested Svarog, the divine creator.

    [size=8pt](world egg)[/size]

    Under the influence of life forces, the egg is cracked open and create a light that shone
    Svarog and created its shadow, from which it originated Crnobog.
    Vodan, god of the sea and the water came from the glare of Svarogos old-sea.

    Launched the forces that created the world ..


    From the top of the egg shell dust-creating the world tree, ash tree, which is rising
    separated the heavens from the earth and sea. His crown was created Nav, the world of the gods.

    (world tree)

    Svarog and Crnobog or Drognjuš were the force without form, so they created their counterparts,
    avatars, in which they acted as the counterpart svijetu.Svarogov was Volos, a
    Crnobog Črt and fiery dragon.

    Svarog is using gold powder from the bottom of the sea created all life and the world, created
    The sun and moon.

    Lower half of debris from an egg created humans and all other creatures on earth.


    People have eventually become masters of this world have become wise, cunning,
    began to cultivate the land, livestock breeding, building their cities and towns, as
    most other creatures, mythological, and so, gradually suppressed in the rugged and
    wild lands and people were less encountered.

    [img width=498 height=700]http://img444.imageshack.us/img444/2280/bar219nuzg9.jpg”/>

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