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    Let’s discuss Slavs borrowing names from other Slavs.

    There are names Igor and Olga in some Slavic countries. It appears the names Igor and Olga came from eastern Slavic countries, where they were borrowed from prince of Kiev Igor (Ingvar) and princess of Kiev Olga (Helga), who were of Scandinavian descent.

    Russians borrowed Ukrainian names Olesja and Oksana. Olesja is people’s name for Oleksandra (Ukrainian form), while Oksana is people’s name for Ksenia. In Belarusian form both names exist as Alesja (Aleksandra) and Aksana (Ksenia).

    Russians also borrowed Belarusian name Aljona/ Alyona (Алёна) from the Belarusians. The Ukrainian version of the name is Olena (pronounced as Olyena) while Russian version is Elena.

    Slovenes have a name Alenka, which is similar to Belarusian Aljonka that is iminutive form Aljona. The reason why Belarusian have the name spelled as Aljona instead of Olena (Ukrainian form) could be due to a linguistic feature known as ‘akanje’ in Belarusian language (reduction of the letter ‘o’ to ‘a’). Alenka in Sloven could be the case of the akanje that exists in some Slovene dialect, but I am not sure about that.

    Belarusians borrowed Polish name Kazimira. Poet Adam Mickievič ivented a feminine name Grażyna which is derived from the Lithuanian adjective gražus, meaning “pretty”, “beautiful”. The name is Polish as it was invented in a poem written in Polish language.

    What are other well known examples?

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