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    Wow cool map. Could you find for other Slavic nationalities too and post them? :D



    Wonder if they included Rusyns in this data? That open up the whole identity argument that exists in the USA between the two groups, (an argument that I refuse to participate in.)  My school has an assistant administrator who is Ukrainian from Argentina.  I asked her to write a recommendation letter for the PhD I'm enrolled in.  She wrote a really good one and Seton Hall said that was one of the biggest factors that got me into it.  I stopped and thanked her at work and she responded, "Well I think you would be a great school administrator and besides, us Ukrainians have to stick together."  I was thinking how my dido would have told her that we are Rusyns, not Ukrainian, then I remembered what King Henry of France said when he was offered the crown.  He was a Huguenot. and had to switch back to Catholicism.  His response was, "Paris is worth a mass." 

    Speaking of Seton Hall, this is my first experience with the Jesuit style of education and it is intense.  Did half a semester of class time in 2 1/2 days.  Got about 4 hrs of sleep a night for 3 days straight.  It's 7 a.m. here in New Jersey and I was up at 4 a.m. to finish up a research paper that was due today.  To top it off, they make you use APA citation, where my undergraduate and firt graduate degree made us use MLA format.  I'm old enough to remember when they wanted footnotes and end notes only. 



    List of Notable Croats in America (USA & Canada)


        Ivo Banac – historian and professor at Yale University
        Mladen Bestvina – mathematician
        Jaksa Cvitanic – Professor of Mathematical Finance
        William Feller – mathematician[1]
        Branko Grünbaum – mathematician
        Henry Suzzallo (1873–1933) – president of the University of Washington


        Mirko Ilic – graphic designer and comics artist from New York
        Ivan Meštrović – Famous Sculptor and Professor at Syracuse and Notre Dame
        Maksimiljan (Makso) Vanka – Painter
        Matthew Yuricich – Academy Award-winning special effects artist


        Scott Bakula – actor
        Jenna Elfman – television and movie actress
        Cary Elwes – movie actor
        Judah Friedlander – actor and comedian
        Mira Furlan – television and film actress
        Frank Gorshin – actor and comedian
        Jay Grdina – Porn Actor, ex-husband of former pornstar Jenna Jameson
        Thomas Horn – child actor
        Michael Klesic – actor[2]
        Laura La Plante – Silent Screen Actress
        Rade Serbedzija – actor
        John Malkovich – actor
        Mark Matkevich – actor
        Ivana Miličević – actress
        Patrick Muldoon – actor
        Lorenzo Music – actor, voice actor, writer, television producer and musician
        Denise Richards – actress[3]
        Rick Rossovich – actor[4]
        Goran Višnjić – actor


        Nenad Bach – recording artist, composer, performer, producer and peace activist
        Tony Butala – co-founder and member of the singing group The Lettermen[5]
        Katrina Leskanich – singer
        Plavka Lonich – Singer
        Michael Matijevic – musician[6]
        Johnny Mercer – songwriter and singer[7]
        Tomo Miličević – guitarist for 30 seconds to Mars
        Guy Mitchell – singer & actor
        Krist Novoselic – bassist for Nirvana
        Louis Svečenski – Violinist
        Milka Ternina – Soprano Opera Singer with the Metropolitan Opera

    Screenwriters, directors, and producers

        Allan Francovich – film producer and director
        Mike Frankovich – film producer
        Branko Lustig – movie producer[8]

    Military personnel

        Paul William Bucha – highly decorated American Vietnam War veteran and recipient of the Medal of Honor (He is currently a foreign policy adviser to Barack Obama's 2008 presidential campaign.)
        Louis Cukela – famous Marine and the recipient of the Medal of Honor
        Leonard Matlovich – Vietnam War veteran and first publicly gay person to appear on TIME Magazine cover
        Michael J. Novosel – World War II veteran, Korean War veteran, Vietnam War veteran – recipient of the Medal Of Honor
        Ron Kovic – Vietnam War veteran and peace activist


        Mark Begich – U.S. Senator from Alaska and former Mayor of Anchorage [9]
        Nick Begich – Alaska congressman[10]
        Michael Anthony Bilandic – Illinois politician who served as the mayor of Chicago[11]
        John Bonacic – New York State Senator
        John Kasich – congressman[8] Ohio Governor (2011- ).
        Dennis Kucinich – former Mayor of Cleveland, US Congressman from Ohio, and 2004 Democratic Presidential candidate[12]
        Mary Matalin – political commentator and former assistant to President George W.Bush
        Tony Peraica – politician of the Republican party
        Rudy Perpich, former Governor of Minnesota as well as Lieutenant Governor & senator [13]
        George Radanovich – congressman[14]
        Michael Anthony Stepovich – former Governor of Alaska
        Rudy Svorinich – politician for the Republican party
        Vincent Thomas – Democratic Party politician from California
        Peter Tomich – United States Navy sailor and a recipient of the Medal of Honor
        John J. Tominac – United States Army officer and a recipient of the Medal of Honor


        Terry Jonathan Hart – former astronaut
        Anthony Maglica – inventor[15]
        Mario Puratić – inventor of Puretic power block
        George M. Skurla – aeronautical engineer for the Apollo Program
        Jacob Matijevic[16] – NASA engineer


        Gary Beban – former NFL player
        Steve Belichick – football player
        Bill Belichick – football head coach[17][18]
        Pete Bercich – former NFL player and coach with the Minnesota Vikings. Currently the color commentator on KFAN radio.
        Nick Burley (Nicholas Barovich), bare-knuckle boxer, Heavyweight Champion of the Yukon Territory in 1902[19]
        Jack Carlson – Former NHL player
        Jeff Carlson – Former IHL/WHA player, one of the Hanson Brothers in Slapshot
        Steve Carlson – Former NHL player, one of the Hanson Brothers in Slapshot
        Tom Cecic – soccer player
        John Cena – professional wrestler
        Ann Cindric – All-American Girls Professional Baseball League player
        Fred Couples – golfer, Croatian mother
        David Diehl – football player and offensive lineman in the National Football League[20]
        Bill Fralic – former professional American football offensive guard
        Bobby Grich – former MLB baseball player
        Elvis Grbac – former NFL quarterback
        Mike Golic – former NFL defensive lineman and co-host of ESPN Radio's Mike and Mike in the Morning.
        Tom Haller – former MLB baseball player
        John Havlicek – NBA hall of famer, Croatian mother Amanda Turkal (spelt originally Turkalj)
        Frankie Hejduk – Current US National Soccer Team player and member of the Columbus Crew
        Les Horvath – former NFL quarterback
        Alvin Joseph Jurisich, former MLB baseball player
        John Jurkovic – former NFL player
        Mike Karakas – NHL Hockey Players
        David Kopay – first professional athlete (American football) too be out as gay
        Toni Kukoc – former NBA player
        Curtis Leskanic – baseball player[21]
        Mickey Lolich – Baseball Player
        Tony Mandarich – NFL offensive player
        Marv Marinovich – retired American football offensive guard and sports trainer
        Todd Marinovich – former American and Canadian football quarterback.
        Dino Mattessich – former Maryland lacrosse coach, current UConn Sr. Assoc. Athletic Director
        Roger Maris – baseball player[22]
        Kevin McHale – former NBA player
        George Mikan – former NBA player
        Pat Miletich – martial artist[23]
        Rob Ninkovich – NFL player
        Mark Pavelich – retired professional ice hockey player
        Erv Palica – former MLB pitcher
        Dan Plesac- baseball player[21]
        Ante Razov – US soccer player
        Lou Saban – football coach
        Nick Saban – football coach[17][18]
        Vladimir Sabich – skier
        Joe Stydahar – former NFL player
        John Tomac – cyclist, considered the best mountain biker
        Rudy Tomjanovich – basketball player/coach[24]
        Auggie Vidovich II – driver in the NASCAR Busch Series
        Danny Vranes (Vranješ), professional basketball player (NBA)[25] NBA All-Defensive Second Team 1985
        Fritzie Zivic – "Croat Comet", World boxing champion (welterweight)[26]
        Mike Zordich – former NFL player
        Chris Zorich – former NFL player
        Johnny Pesky – former baseball player and announcer


        Courtney Angela Brkic – anthropologist, short story writer
        Richard Kauzlarich – diplomat, writer, and intelligence analyst[27]
        Josip Marohnić – Published first book of Croatian poetry in America – "Amerikanke"
        Josip Novakovich – writer[28]
        Jason Smilovic – writer, executive producer


        Lidia Bastianich – acclaimed chef, restaurateur, and PBS cooking show host
        John Owen Dominis – Last Hawaiian Royalty by Marriage to Hawaiian Queen Lydia Kamekaha Kapaaka in 1862
        Victor Grinich – member of the Traitorous Eight that founded Silicon Valley
        Mike Grgich – winemaker
        Ferdinand Konščak – explorer – AKA Padre Consago Gonzales – 18th century explorer and missionary who discovered that the Baja Peninsula was a peninsula, and he mapped the region. Also founded the village of San Antonio Real
        Ron Kovic – anti-war activist and writer
        Bill Kurtis – well-known television journalist and producer[29]
        Michael Lah – Cartoonist
        Anthony Francis Lucas, born as Antun Lučić, Discovered oil in Texas – first successful oil well in Texas – There is even an award named after him
        Amber Brkich Mariano – reality TV contestant who was the winner of Survivor: All-Stars[30]
        Zinka Milanov – Metropolitan Opera Coloratura
        Joe "Pegleg" Morgan – high-ranking Mexican Mafia Carnal
        Steve Nelson (activist) – Spanish Civil War veteran and Communist Party leader who was jailed in Pittsburgh in the 1950s; birth name Stjepan Mesaros (Croatian of Hungarian extraction)
        Michael J. Novosel – recipient of the Medal of Honor
        Marty Pasetta – producer
        Kevin Radich – sports reporter
        Bill Rancic – entrepreneur, husband of E! News' Giuliana DePandi
        Gene Rayburn – radio and television personality[31]
        Teresa Scanlan – Miss America 2011[32][33]
        Franjo Vlasic – dairyman and founder of Vlasic Pickles
        Vanna White – television personality and co-host of the game show the Wheel of Fortune[34]



    Ron Kovic's  Born on the 4th of July was one of the best reads I had as a kid.  I read it when I was 12 years old and still, the imagery is memorable.  Another great fictional story about Vietnam is the Deer Hunter, and it even has a Lemko wedding service.  Gotta love the crowns! 



    rodv, what do you mean by the term  Rusyns?
    How they differ from Ukrainian?



    It's a long story.  In the USA, many Rusyns consider the group to be a separate ethnic group.  This would be along side Russians, Belorussians, and Ukrainians.  My ancestors came from the Presov region of Slovakia and refereed themselves as Rusnako, not Ukrainians.  The relatives were relabeled as Uk., during the communist era.  After 1989, they used Rusnako again.  There are many in the USA who now use the term Carpatho-Rusyn to delineate separate ethnic identity.  This split was further pushed by the Roman Catholic Church, when they seperated the Greek Catholic church's structural organization into two new ones.  One was called Byzantine and the other Ukrainian.  Each got their own bishop and both were told no more married clergy.  Now, this was more than just a religious difference, and I'm not very devout, so I'm not getting into any theological dispute.  At least for many immigrants here, any social services and community help came from your church.  You also used religious based public schools because the public schools discriminated against Eastern Orthodox and both Greek and Latin Rite Catholics. 

    I am not a supporter of any bitterness or animosity between us.  I think for those who come from areas that were never part of Ukraine, as a political state, tend to see a separate ethnicity.  I would think that linguistically, culturally and genetically, there are many more connections than differences.  As Napoleon said, "If the Slavs united, they would rule the world."

    “…Nobody knows exactly who, how many, or where
    they are. They live in six states and in none. They are
    loyal to each of these states, and to none of them. Their
    language is written in five different versions; in the
    Cyrillic alphabet, but also in the Latin. Some regard
    themselves as Ukrainians, others as Slovaks, others as
    Poles. Or Romanians. Or Hungarians. Or Yugoslavs.
    But many insist they are “Rusyns,” or
    “CarpathoRusyns,” or, Rusnatsi. Or they throw up their
    hands and give the ancient answer of the peasant from
    Europe’s Slavic borderlands: “We’re just from here”.
    (From: “Hail Ruthenia!” by
    Timothy Garton Ash, The
    New York Review of Books,
    22 April 1999).  (Belitser, 2013)


    Belitser, N. 2013. Untitled. [online] Available at: http://miris.eurac.edu/mugs2/do/blob.pdf?type=pdf&serial=1036425198529 [Accessed: 23 Oct 2013].




    But there are a lot Slovenians in America too (a lot for Slovenian standards …)


    Wonder if they included Rusyns in this data?

    I think I remember seeing "Carpatho-Rusyn" listed among the ancestry list on the American Census Bureau site.


    It's a long story.

    Thanks, now I understand what it is about.
    Forgive me first interested in the name.



    But there are a lot Slovenians in America too (a lot for Slovenian standards …)

    Now that is funny



    It's complicated,  used to hear the following terms for my ancestry:
    1.  Ruthenian.
    2.  Rusnako
    3.  Slovak
    4.  Slavish
    5.  You know, that place in the old country!



    It's complicated,  used to hear the following terms for my ancestry:
    1.  Ruthenian.
    2.  Rusnako
    3.  Slovak
    4.  Slavish
    5.  You know, that place in the old country!

    I think Slavish should be a form of love-making specific to Slavs :D


    I think Slavish should be a form of love-making specific to Slavs :D

    Being my wife said I have a hall pass if Maria sharapova or Anna Alexander ever wants me for a date.  I hope so!


    Wow cool map. Could you find for other Slavic nationalities too and post them? :D

    Glad you enjoyed this, Pentaz. I thought it was pretty cool, too.  :) I come across lots of data for other Slavic countries in my genealogical research, so as I find relevant information, I will certainly post it here.  :)

    List of Notable Croats in America (USA & Canada)


        Nick Saban – football coach
        Vladimir Sabich – skier 

    I've met both these guys. Saban is a former coach at my alma mater, Michigan State University, now the head coach of Alabama's #1 in the USA, and most formidable college football team, The Crimson Tide.  I met  Vladimir "Spider" Sabich when I was first learning to ski. My instructor knew him. Just a few weeks later he was dead, slain by his French girlfriend.  :-

    Wonder if they included Rusyns in this data?

    I wondered this, too, rodv. The map is from research conducted by the Center for Demographic and Socio-economic Research of Ukrainians in the United States in conjunction with The Shevchenko Scientific Society in the US, New York.  The Center's website gives more information on data collection for their studies, and does say this:

    In order to analyze Ukrainians in the US, it is necessary to have an operational definition of “Ukrainians in the US”. There are basically two choices: a) all residents in the US who migrated from Ukraine and their descendants; b) all persons who in some fashion identify themselves as of Ukrainian origin. The first choice is not useful for two reasons: a) since the beginning of organized migration of Ukrainians to the US in the later part of the 19th century, the territory of what is currently Ukraine belonged to different countries (Austro-Hungarian Empire, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, etc.) and it is impossible to determine objectively which of those immigrants were Ukrainian; b) due to intermarriage, many of these descendants have multiple ancestries.

    Ukrainian sub-groups (if this is the correct term), are not broken out, i.e. Rusyns, Lemkos, Hutsuls, Bojkos.  I imagine these groups often self-identify as "Ukrainian" in the diaspora? Just as background, my paternal line is Ukrainian, Orthodox, hailing from Volhynia region. I never even realized there were other groups under the Ukrainian umbrella until I started genealogical research. Finding it all very interesting!  :)


    But there are a lot Slovenians in America too (a lot for Slovenian standards …)

    Haha! Love it!  ;D

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