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    This proverb keeps showing up on my Facebook. Is this truly a Polish Proverb? I would like to know other Slavic proverbs because I don’t know any. 



    With a new baby in the house, I needed to see this today. Awesome.



    I never heard that proverb, I’m afraid.



    Maybe it sounds different in your language? F.e. the Facebook Slavorum page posted about 3 months ago “No matter how small, each contribution matters” as a Bulgarian proverb and thank goodness one girl in the comments finally deciphered it’s supposed to be our “Капка по капка вир прави” (Drop by drop, a pond appears).



    Čo človek má na srdci, má na jazyku.

    I find this one to be very true and I think all slavs can understand. 



    “Whoever digs another man’s grave laughs best”
    “The fast bitch lifts mountains”
    “A kind words has big eyes”
    “Swallow a big bite, but don’t lay in it”
    “The early bird should know its pond”

    “Education is its own reward – An educated man, even if you lock him up in an outhouse, will yet find a way fill his belly.”



    Hmm, I don’t know where the “big eyes” part comes from, or anything from the last one…



    Yeah, it’s a hard one for me too, because the word you’re thinking of is not even in my vocabulary.
    The last one is:
    “Ученото си е учено – и в нужник да го запреш, пак ще намери с какво да се наяде”.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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