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    Does anyone here know if old Slavs used any warpaint when they went to battle? Like old Scots and Vikings used it.
    If they did use it what did it look like? What were the most common colours?



    vikings cool, i want to be cool as well



    Hehe ,well we may tell him that we were even cooler cause Slavs were tattooing themselves.



    I doubt that they used war-paint.



    I think I read once that some painted themselves red? Not sure bout it though. In the time of some 6th or 7th century many used to fight without shirts or any cloth on the upper body, or?



    My first thought was also red paint and I dont know why.

    But the truth is that warpaint is a very primitive tribe thing ,amd there is nothing cool about it.

    Slavs also started to tattoo themsevlves shortly after christianisation and those tattoos supoused to be christian but were native faith related. I saw on Slavorum even an old photo(or maybe a painting?) with woman with Hands pf God tattoo on the chest and hands.



    I don’t know where I got the red paint but it always goes through my mind if I think about that. Tattoos probably also weren’t traditional for all Slavs, I suppose?



    As you can see here, the great Ukrainian-Scottish hero, William Wallaceshenko, has the Ukrainian flag painted on his face.



    William Wallaceshenko xD



    Well if we notice that there was quite lot of Slabs among Vikings -Harolds Bluetooth team was mostly Polish – then we may say "yes" ,but I dont know if Vikings used warpaint. I've never heard of it to be honest. Maybe also Chąśnicy (Vindafrels) used it cause it would fit to their style ,skulls on the front of ship ,black sails and wolf skin costumes/armours. But as I've said its very primitive and useless. Tattoos is a different matter and our Scythian/Sarmatian ancestors used it widely.



    I don't know if Slavs ever did use war paint. It could be mostly a Celtic thing.. If there was ever anything written about if Slavs did use war paint then cool.



    Nijesam našao niđe da su se Sloveni šarali ratnim bojama. Koliko znam to su radili jedino indijanci.



    To those who claim warpaint is useless – it is not. For example black colour around your eyes helps to see better against the sun. :) 



    You could also use it to drown your enemies, if it’s available in sufficient quantity and they accidentally fall into a pit, form it into cakes and let them dry in the sun, which you can then throw at your enemies to annoy them or even exchange it for weapons to stab your enemies with. Useful stuff, all things considered. Beware the painter.



    According to Arab scholar who was overseeing the implementation of islam by the Volga Bulgars, they did. Here is what he gad to say of the Rus:

    The Rūs appear as traders who set up shop on the river banks nearby the Bolğar camp. They are described as having bodies tall as (date) palm-trees, with blond hair and ruddy skin. They are tattooed from fingernails to neck with dark blue or dark green tree patterns and other figures and that all men are armed with an axe, sword and long knife.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)

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