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    something about a warrior hero from your nation.


    Domagoj of Croatia

    Domagoj (died in 876) was a Duke of Dalmatian Croatia in 864–876. He is the founder of the House of Domagojević.

    Domagoj was a powerful Croatian nobelman, with lands around Knin. Following the death of Trpimir I in 864, he usurped the throne of Zdeslav in a civil war. Domagoj became the Duke of Dalmatian Croatia, and Trpimir's sons, Petar, Zdeslav and Muncimir, were forced into exile. During Domagoj's reign piracy was a common practice, which caused bad relations with the Venice. In 865 Domagoj was forced to make an unfavourable peace with the Venetian Republic, giving hostages to Venice as a guarantee for safe passage of Venetian ships in the Adriatic Sea.

    Domagoj helped the Franks, as their vassal, to conquer Bari from the Arabs in 871. In the meantime, the Venetians also renewed their attacks on Croats. In 874, Pope John VIII intervened by begging Duke Domagoj as a Christian to restrain his Pirates.

    After Domagoj's death, Venetian's chronicles named him The worst duke of Slavs (Latin: pessimus dux Sclavorum). Pope John VIII referred to Domagoj in letters as Famous duke (Latin: glourisus dux).

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