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    Does anyone know any Slavic manufactured and/or designed wrist watches?  Current or present?

    I enjoy collecting them.



    Any watches or quality watches? Belarus has only one watch factory making all types of watches. The brand is known as Luch. Men’s watches. Purchases can be delivered to any country, you will need to discuss if the destination outside of former countries.


    Known Russian brands are Vostok and Raketa.



    Swiss watch company Frank Muller has share of 80% in Minsk Plant Factory bringing Swiss technology since 2010.

    At present time OJSC ” Minsk Watch Plant ” is privately owned company with the state share in the authorized capital 19,97 %. The investor’s share – 80%. Individuals have owned 0,03 % of the shares . Today OJSC ” Minsk Watch Plant ” produces about 150-180 thousand watches , offering to consumers more than 1700 models, both quartz and mechanical watches . MWP’s products are exported to fifteen countries. The plant employs about 700 people. Equipment and technology are constantly  updated. In 2012, mastering of an unique for Belarus production of sapphire crystal has began. Minsk Watch Plant’s team makes every effort to preserve and promote the legendary Belarusian brand ” Luch”



    I can’t post photos AT ALL. Not even copy/paste. I can’t use the “image icon” in posting feature bar, either. What is going on?  :D

    I love this watch. I want it. 



    Pobeda was also a pretty popular Russian watch, IMO.




    Watches Slava were common . People’s watches. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slava_watches



    The watch I posted can be purchased here: http://www.yevshan.com/main.asp?cid=1931&pid=31832 The watches are made in Ukraine but Yevshan ships worldwide out of Canada and New York.



    AFAIK USSR the only watch plant outside of Russia was in Minsk factory established in 1957. Independent Ukraine established its own watch factory in Kiev in 1997 making watches under the brand Kleynod : http://kleynodwatches.com/



    Several Soviet brands stopped to exist and known brands had financial difficulties after disintegration of Soviet Union. Because of affordable quality watches out of Japan and South Korea available on the market.  Luch also had financial difficulties almost going bankrupt until the government rescued it. Later , the factory was privatised by a foreign company.



    @Sviatogor The watch I posted is manufactured by Kleynod. I did not know that until I clicked on your link and looked at the Kleynod website! There was “my” watch! :D



    Armenia has unique numeral system  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Armenian_numerals

    Luch produced watch targeting Armenian market.



    I like certain watches, not necessarily expensive ones either.

    I tend to prefer the Pilot watches, Minimalist watches, some Chronographs and the Classic Retro style (usually a 1950s style minimalist watch).  Often I usually go for a leather band, usually with some texture – like a crocodile leather or something.



    Yeah, I’ve seen some cool retro style Raketta, Polet, and Strela (assume this is a Slavic brand also) watches, see below.







    Like very retro? Luch makes such watches. Even with a single hand that has 5 minute division



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