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    Slavlingo – Slavic languages quiz 3

    So you have made your way to the level 3 of Slavlingo – Slavic languages quiz. We made sure that you will not make it this time! The level 3 Slavlingo quiz is packed with harder questions this time. Just pick the right picture that is the correct answer to the question and see what you get.

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    7/10 not bad…but those words “karcina” and “kitara” :D don’t know if it’s intentional trolling or for real



    kitara is an ancient Macedonian word, hence Slavic AF.

    P.S Proschay does mean “forgive me” though, whether it’s used as “good bye” or not.
    P.P.S Rose Hip is not Pomegranate
    P.P.P.S Spadochron sounds like a piece of clothing a hero from Homer’s Iliad would wear.



    8/10 – got only proshchay and harmancek wrong. Better than I did on some of the earlier tests, btw. 😆



    7/10.  I thought proshchay was excuse me (in Polish przepraszam, pzhe-prasham).  I also got kitara and kateritsa wrong. 



    10/10 way too easy



    9 out 10 . Kateritsa was wrong.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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