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    Belarus has beaten the record of attendance during WC with 4 more matches to play. More importantly, Belarus lost to Sweden 3:2 in1/4 finals.

    Tomorrow are semi-finals.

    Russia v Sweden
    Czech Republic v Finland

    Sweden is a technically gifted young team. Swedes always had  good teams as far as I can remember. Czech Republic has a team of clever players. Russia is Russia unpredictable at times. Russia can beat Canadians on their home turf in the final of WC. They can also loose  to weaker opponents when they are expected to win.Finland has one of the oldest experienced team in the tournament. Finns began slowly. They bet Canada in ¼ finals.

    Minsk will be supporting the Russians. Then probably the Czechs. I hope Russia and Czechia make into the final.



    The key game for Belarus was against Latvia which Belarus won 3:1. Belarus needed to win to qualify for play-off stage, otherwise Belarus would have to beat Russia which is a difficult task. Also, the game against Latvia is kind of a local derby both teams of equal strength were fancying their chances.

    Belarus was leading 2:1 having a player sent-off in the last 2 minutes of the game. Latvia substituted goal-keeper for 6th field players, so Latvians had 6 against Belarusian 4. Latvia scored the last minute equaliser, which was rightly disallowed by the Czech referee. Belarus scored 3rd goal in the last second sof the game.

    Latvian player Kaspars Daugaviņš is breaking his stick after his goal was disallowed  ;D : http://coub.com/view/1qzs2

    The last 2 minutes of the game between Belarus and Latvia.

    Беларусь 3 : 1 Латвия. Последняя минута



    Russia won against Sweden and made into the final. Let's hope Czechs win against Finland. :)



    The world cup 2014 is over.

    1. Russia are the champions. Congratulation to Russia!
    2. Finland
    3. Sweden
    4. Czech Republic.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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