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    I hope this is not a stupid question but in my family we prononce the word Slovak with a short a and it ryhmes with walk. I hear the word a lot used outside my family being prononced with a long a and ryhming with wack. Are these interchangable words, is one correct or has my family of Slovak imigrants been prononcing this word wrong since we came here? 

    Thanks and sorry for being so observant lol :) 



    In mainline American and RP English, it is pronounced slo-VAK, with an emphasis on the last syllable matching the -ock sound of “mock”.  If your family and you pronounce “Slovak” with a Slovakian accent, there really is no problem other than the fact that sounds are not being used in the same way they would be in Slovakian, and thus the result you have described when you say the English word “Slovak”.  It is just like how Russia is pronounced as RO-SHA when Russian speakers like myself say the word.  In fact, trying out the word “Slovak” while writing this, it is evident that your pronunciation of “Slovak” is not unique to your family, but it seems I pronounce it the way you do as well, despite not being, well, Slovakian, and quite simply a Russian of Ukraine.



    @vinmario00 In English I usually use this rhyming with wack.
    In the original it’s Slovák, that ´ signifies that “a” is long, that is twice as long as “o”. Just copy “Slovák” into google translate and click listen, that’s proper pronunciation, I just checked it, the voice isn’t even sounding artificial. 



    I pronounce it how it’s written. ;)



    Я не знал это…



     теперь знаешь



    I say “Slovock.” No one’s ever complained. 




    @Dušan yea that’s the typical way Brits say Slovak and some Americans do too but I usually here Americans say it as ryming with walk, and occasionally I hear Americans say sovak with no L…lol 



    This is very intersting. I do wonder why my family and most Slovak Imigrants to Western PA pronouced Slovak as it ryhmes with walk because that saying this word that way is neither standard English or Slovak. I never really asked this question before until I heard people saying the word on the Internet and the word Slovak was different than how my family. With a love of lingustics I do find this intresting and I am courious to see why my family never pronoued the word correctly in both langauges.



    So, to pronounce in the correct way, I should be saying “Slo-Vac,” like a slow vac-uum cleaner?  :D Or, do I say “vacuum” and the rest of you say, “hoover”???  Do you wear a sweater or a jumper??? Is it a trash can or rubbish bin???



    Sweater? Jumper? I dunno, I just call them clothes and mine say Reebok, because I don’t like perpetuating sterotypes.

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