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    Although polka has a Czech origin it's widely spread all over the world. It is very popular in Slovenia. Of course not everyone likes it. Most people wo don't are either part of the younger population or live in Cities. I as a Styrian adore this music. The bands who perform this music are called "ansambel" or simply "muzikanti". This music is part of our identity.

    It started to become known after WW2. The very first ones are Waltzs which I think are boring. Things got better with our king of Polka Slavko Avsenik. He was very popular in Germany, Austria and Switzerland too. He is a kind of the "inventor" of kvintet style (Oberkrainer). In this there are 5 instruments: the accordion, clarinet, trumpet, guitar and baritone/bass. As an example:
    Ansambel bratov Avsenik – Na Golici

    Also widely spread threw Slovenia is the style Lojze Slak "invented". It's more rustical, simpler… There are only 3 instruments: diatonical accordion, guitar and bass. Sounds like this:
    Ansambel Lojzeta Slaka – Svatje že vriskajo

    Now you'll say thats just a bunch of old crab! It's not. There are younger generations too of course!
    Modrijani – Ti, moja rožica (2011)
    and so on…

    In Hrvaško Zagorje is the only part of Croatia that plays this sort of music. They sing in their Kajkavian dialect.
    Ansambl Prijatelji Zagorja – Muzikaši

    Here is a Czech/Slovak style polka to compare:
    Moravanka-Ty falešná frajárko

    How do you think about this? Tell us. ;)



    Slovenes who emigrated to USA made their Style of polka too. It's called the Cleveland Polka.
    The Vadnals – Ta glažek je prazen
    Frank Yankovic, I've Got A Wife At Home Polka"

    Frankie Yankovic is most famous for this kind of music with his silly songs.


    How do you think about this? Tell us. ;)

    There is no veselica without Polka!!!


    Ta je svetovna! :D



    There is polka in Istra, too  :D This ensamble plays polka music with Istrian scale.

    Brace your ears, it is horrible

    Petra Radović-Branimir Šajina,Kršan,Istra : Istarska polka

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