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    Boris V.
    Boris V.

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    Carmen Presley

    It’s written with the mistake I guess, “stool” will help to understand the pronunciation better



    This is a lame joke …

    I thought that Boris V. is a Bulgarian.
    But now it seems that he isn’t since word “стол” in Bulgarian means “chair” as well as in Slovenian.

    In fact all Slavic languages can be divided to several groups according to their attitude to “table” and “chair”

    1. Languages which use “stol” for chair and a completely different word for table.
    They are Slovenian and Bulgarian/Macedonian

    Slovenian: table – “tabela”, chair – “stol”
    Bulgarian/Macedonian: table – “маса”, chair – “стол”

    2. Languages which use “stol” for table and a completely different word for chair.
    There are only two of them (in spite of what this “joke” suggests): Polish and Czech.

    Polish: table – “stół”, chair – “krzesło”
    Czech: table – “stůl”, chair – “židle”

    3. Languages which use definition “small table” for chair.
    They are Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian and Ukrainian:

    Serbian/Bosnian/Croatian: table – “stol”, chair – “stolica”
    Ukrainian: table – “стіл”, chair – “стілець”

    4. Languages which use the same word for table and chair.
    It’s Russian: table – “стол”, chair – “стул”
    this Russian “стул” sounds exactly as Polish “stół” and only slightly different then Czech “stůl”.

    Some languages belong to two different groups at the same time because they have two words for chair:

    Slovak belongs to groups 2 and 3 because: table – “stôl”, chair – “kreslo” or “stolička”

    Belarusian belongs to groups 2 and 4 because: table – “stoł”, chair – “kresła” or “stuł”.

    It’s interesting that in spite of the fact that Polish and Russian use today the word “stol” for table they both have the word “stolica” (capital) which is obviously derived from the “stol” in its meaning as “throne”.

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