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    Is Slavenian similar to Belarusian?

    I know Slovenian is a southern Slavic language having ties to western Slavic languages.  Belarusian is an eastern Slavic language having ties to Leichtic (western – Polish, Kashubian) Slavic languages.

    When I listen to Slovenes they sound similar to  Belarusians. Czechs and Slovenes linguists found linguistic similarities between Belarusian and Slovene/Czech languages.

    I think Belarusians and Slovenes , especially those Slovenes who have akanye dialect speak similar Slavic dialects. If Belarusians and Slovenes spend 6-12 months learning each others’ languages we won’t have problem understanding each other.

    Being a native Belarusian speaker I can read wiki articles written in Slovene without using google translator.



    Sviatogor this is interesting. I use to live with two Russians for two years. They said my language has many words that Russians can understand, but are kind of archaic (“old books language day said”). They also specifically pointed out that it is similar to Belorussian.    



    @Sviatogor The Belarusian Ў is very interesting and probably what
    makes our languages sound similar, especially when used in certain words that
    are similar to their Slovenian counterparts:

    жоўты (zhowty) – žolta (zhowta)

    (use) – vse (use)

    ў (u) – v (u)

    воўк (vowk) – volk (vowk)

    воўна (vowna) – volna (vowna)

    даўно (dawno) – davno (dawno)

    галоўны (halowny) – glavni (glawni)

    Here are some phrases in the Cerkno dialect:

    “Dán se uad bažiča da suetih treh králau padálša glih za tulk cajta,
    kuko’r ga nuca peteln, de ziune.”

    “Pa slikah se na smí rečt, de sa na neh samú rajen Crkláni,
    bli pa sa usi, ka sa le má pa crklajnsku sapl n dišál.”




    I find more similarities between Slovene and Belarusian other than sharing ‘Ў‘. We share common words and grammar.  I should say Czech is also similar to Belarusian.



    @Sviatogor Could you post a phrase in Slovenian that you find particularly similar to Belarusian? The words I posted above are almost identical in our languages, but what other similarities in terms of grammar have you found?

    Do you know of any quality sites where I could learn Belarusian? I would like to get a better feel for East Slavic languages and Belarusian seems ideal.



    Kunst a si ti crklan? <img alt="" height="20":)” title=”>:)” class=”bbcode_smiley” />




    Istran. Ti? :)

    Tiste stavke sem našel na tej strani, če te zanima: http://www.pef.uni-lj.si/markor/dialect.htm

    S Sviatogorom sva se pogovarjala o akanju v tej temi http://www.slavorum.org/forum/discussion/7924/akanye-in-slavic-languages#latest, pa sem omenil cerkljansko narečje. Tu sem mu samo dal nekaj primerov.

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