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    imageSlovenians and Croats On A Brink Of Diplomatic Crisis Over A Little Bay, Because That’s What Slavs Do

    Savudrija Bay is becoming a hot little bay ever since Slovenians and Croats can’t make a normal agreement on border dispute and joint usage of the corridor.

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    slavs gonna slav



    This dispute is quite silly at least in the sense that it’s still going on. Both sides have some convincing arguments though. In general this doesn’t sour relations between common Croats and Slovenes but it does effect the diplomatic relations to some degree.

    The Slovenes should look to Italy for returning some sea territory. 



    I like the name of the patrol ship – the Triglav. :)

    Triglav is an Svetlyak-class patrol boat operated by the 430th Naval Section of the Slovenian Armed Forces. It is a small, multirole craft capable of maritime patrol, supporting diver operations, coastal survey, combat, and SAR. It was named SNS Triglav after Slovenia’s highest mountain and national symbol.




    To be honest it is question of crawling occupation of Istria – today part of Croatia by Istians decision. Some parts of istria were occupated by Italia, and some by Slovenia. Slovenia geographically begins 50-80 km from sea but during 70es in Yugoslavia there was some drunk decision that Croatia have to give corridors to several Republics in Yougoslavia. Boka Kotorska harbour to Montenegro, Neum to Bosnia, and from Italian border till Piran to Slovenia. It was never part of any of that republic. Now Slovenia tries crawling occupation part by part of Istrian territory. It is Istrian country, not Slovenian, not Zagreb’s, not Italian. If they are against that it becomes Slovenian territory, it is not question of anyone, it is Istrian and no Slovenian no Belgian and no Zagreb’s traders with other people territory have right. And as I know Istrians have huge conflict with Slovenians mostly in that parts already occupated by Slovenia.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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