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    Thread deticated to universal Slavic language that is more or less understandable to all Slavic speakers. <br />Please use this thread for Slovio practicing!<br />

    Slovio is a new constructed language created by a linguist Mark Hucko. It is an international auxillary language primarily created to help Slavic speakers communicate. The grammar of Slovio is similar to Esperanto, but the vocabulary is derived from the most common words from Slavic languages, that of the largest European language group.<br /><br />It also includes many internationally understandable words from Latin, English, French, German and Spanish. As soon as one learns Slovio one can communicate with over 400 million people in such countries as: Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia, Slovenia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldavia, Serbia, Montenegro and so on.<br /><br />The name of the language, Slovio, comes from the old-Slavic word “slovo” which means “word”.<br />



    Awesome it will be great if this language gets in formal use and it will also be interesting to study.



    Novju mezxunarodju jazika!
    zemla.gif (24934 bytes) Sxto es Slovio? Slovio es novju mezxunarodju jazika ktor razumijut cxtirsto milion ludis na celoju zemla. Slovio mozxete upotrebit dla gvorenie so cxtirsto milion slavju Ludis ot Praga do Vladivostok; ot Sankt Peterburg cxerez Varsxava do Varna; ot Sredzemju Morie i ot Severju Morie do Tihju Okean. Slovio imajt prostju, logikju gramatia i Slovio es idealju jazika dla dnesju ludis. Ucxijte Slovio tper!
    Poucxitelica – ucxijt SlovioSlovio imajt uzx okol 60 tisicx slovis,  imenis i virazxenies. To es plus slovis cxem neskolk "prirodju" jazikas! Ucxijte Slovio, ucxijte universalju slaviansk jazika tper! Iskame jazikaju nauknikis i perevoditelis ktor hotijut sotrudit s nams v tut ogromju proekt.

    NASX OTEC.  zvuk-r.gif (916 bytes)  (Lord's prayer)
    Nasx otec ktor es om nebes,
    Sviatju es tvoi imen,
    Tvoi krolenie pridib,
    Tvoi vola bu na Zemla takak om nebes,
    Darij nams nasx denju hleb,
    I uprostij nams nasx grehis,
    takak mi uprostime,
    tamktor grehijut proti nams,
    I ne vestij nams v pokusenie,
    no spasij nams ot zlo.

    NASX OTEC.  (2-ju verzia)
    Otec nasx, ktor es vo nebes,
    Sviatilju buj tvoi imen,
    Pridib krolenie tvoi,
    Buj vola tvoi, kak vo nebes tak na zemla.
    Hleb nasx vsedenju darij nams dnes.
    I uprostij nams nasx vinostis,
    takak mi uprostime nasx vinnikis;
    I ne vestij nams na pokusenie
    No nams spasij ot zlo.

    Imagine, if this was actually going to live one day it would mean all Slavs would speak un mutually understandible language, as in proto-Slav times.



    Yes and it is not hard to learn i mean i can understand almost everything  ;D



    Wow! This would be a good answer to today's international language, English. Its a really good thing, this would be a another step to increase the brotherhood of Slavs. Does anyone know when it will finally be studied?



    Here is site dedicated to Slovio language: http://www.slovio.com/
    It includes lessons also. Actually, there is truth behind it, I am sure all Slavs can understand most of it.



    Funny thing though for example in Lord's Prayer, why does letter "x" feature? No Slavic language uses it, do they?
    Is it just for phoenetic purposes?



    Brother Slavs, how do you understand this:

    Slovjanski je slovjanski medžujezyk iztvořeny v gode 2006 kak sutrudnično usilje grupy ľudi iz različnyh krajev, sobranyh na Slovjanskom Fore. On može byti velika pomoč dľa putujučih i mnogo upotrebimo orudje dľa kogo-buď, kotory by hotel adresovati cely slovjanski svet posredstvom vebsajtov, forov, spisov e-mejľskih i.t.d., bez potrebovanja prevoditi tekst v razne jezyki. Znanje togo jezyka pozvaľa človeku byti razumemy dľa vsakogo govoriteľa slovjanskogo jezyka i razumeti večej, než jedyno osnovu teksta v kotorom-buď slovjanskom jezyke. Slovjanski takože je mnogo dobra metoda dľa tyh, kotore hočut načeti učiti se svojego prvogo slovjanskogo jezyka.

    Na tyh stranicah vy nahodite osnovy slovjanskogo jezyka: kratku gramatiku, slovnik, prikladne teksty, različne orudja, linki i inu informaciju. V najblizkoj budučosti takože bude kurs jezyka. Jesli vy hočete uvideti slovjanski v akcije, zovemo vas posetiti našu viki.

    My želamo vam prijemnogo i, imajmo nadeju, upotrebimogo pobytja!

    Naš ceľ

    • Izdelati novy medžuslovjanski jezyk, koji vsaki Slovjan mogl by naučiti se govoriti i pisati v sedm dňev.
    • Izdelati novy medžuslovjanski jezyk, koji vsaki ne-Slovjan mogl by naučiti se govoriti i pisati v trideseť dňev.

    I personally understand it pretty well, I don’t know if I could learn to speak and write it in seven days, but if one would take 8 hours a day to learn it, I think it is achievable. Beautiful thing about this is, if other Slavs understand it, it is enough to know one language (additional to your native one) to communicate with all other Slavs – who do not even need to know it. The only problem I see for now, is that they are still evolving it, a language has to be more or less definite for one to start learning it, without fearing that it will become obsolete in a year or two.

    More about it here and here.



    I can understand all of it,there might be a problem with gramatics or during the classes students should be directed to keep a very open mind and not expect correct grammar from the other side.Basicaly cancel the gramatics;similar to english which keeps nouns i.e. in it`s nominative form. Since Slavic languages hallmark is actually the changing of the words depending to linkage with male or female asociations I would rather choose the option with open mind of the users. I could understand the text due to the fact that I linked the words to all Russian,Slovak and ex-Yugoslav dialects I know. So keep an opened mind and don`t expect strict rules.



    WOW its bloody amazing! I can understand everything. I'm going to give it a go at learning it, doesn't seem far off from Serbo-Croatian at all…



    I reckon Slovjanski is better, and easier for all Slavs to learn.



    We should use either Slovio or Slovjanski for universal Slavic language on the board instead of English…or the main website has English and Slovio option on example.



    I too think Slovjanski is better then Slovio, no offense. It was much easier for me to understand it and I really could understand everything. Nice, though I think such languages have no propper future. :( It's like Esperanto or something, which never really came to life and use… Sadly, as this one is pretty good.



    Maybe someone who is fluent in Slovjanski can make a thread dedicated to teaching it?



    Why you wait for someone to come and do something? Why not you do it yourself?

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