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    I'm a member of Drużyna Grodu Trzygłowa. Group has few sections (early medieval Slavs and Vikings, Goths, pirates, Kosyniers) but I want to show some photos from II WW:

    Here as a Red Army:

    [img height=393 width=525]http://www.wojskopolskie.tryglaw.org/galeria/image.raw?type=img&id=317″/>

    [img height=391 width=523]http://www.wojskopolskie.tryglaw.org/galeria/image.raw?type=img&id=299″/>

    [img height=388 width=520]http://www.wojskopolskie.tryglaw.org/galeria/image.raw?type=img&id=322″/>

    [img height=386 width=517]http://www.wojskopolskie.tryglaw.org/galeria/image.raw?type=img&id=310″/>

    [img height=387 width=517]http://www.wojskopolskie.tryglaw.org/galeria/image.raw?type=img&id=307″/>

    Here as a KBW (Korpus Bezpieczeństwa Wewnętrznego – National Security Corps)

    [img height=390 width=521]http://www.wojskopolskie.tryglaw.org/galeria/image.raw?type=img&id=325″/>

    [img height=390 width=521]http://www.wojskopolskie.tryglaw.org/galeria/image.raw?type=img&id=286″/>

    [img height=388 width=519]http://www.wojskopolskie.tryglaw.org/galeria/image.raw?type=img&id=289″/>

    All above photos are form session for Polish movie "Historia Roja" about anticommunist partisans.

    Here as a Polish Army in 1945:

    [img height=390 width=522]http://www.wojskopolskie.tryglaw.org/galeria/image.raw?type=img&id=144″/>

    [img height=347 width=523]http://www.wojskopolskie.tryglaw.org/galeria/image.raw?type=img&id=153″/>

    [img height=369 width=524]http://www.wojskopolskie.tryglaw.org/galeria/image.raw?type=img&id=163″/>

    Here as a Polish people Army in 1981, pacification of Szczecin Shipyard

    [img height=348 width=523]http://www.wojskopolskie.tryglaw.org/galeria/image.raw?type=img&id=662″/>

    [img height=391 width=523]http://www.wojskopolskie.tryglaw.org/galeria/image.raw?type=img&id=669″/>

    [img height=348 width=522]http://www.wojskopolskie.tryglaw.org/galeria/image.raw?type=img&id=667″/>

    [img height=392 width=523]http://www.wojskopolskie.tryglaw.org/galeria/image.raw?type=img&id=684″/>

    [img height=393 width=524]http://www.wojskopolskie.tryglaw.org/galeria/image.raw?type=img&id=687″/>

    If you want more pics or movies, please visit:http://www.wojskopolskie.tryglaw.org/



    You guys seems to have nice time :D Somehow, this returns me to chidlhood when we werer "reenact" various wars from history. :D



    Do they reenact any battles/wars in Bosnia, Dalibor?


    Do they reenact any battles/wars in Bosnia, Dalibor?

    I know there are some medieval reenactors from Serbia and Republika Srpska. I think Cvetinov allready posted about them.



    Nice group! I've been trying to do something like this for a while now. I only need a tank….  ;D

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