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    your thoughts on situation in balkan at this moment. we are all witnessing new escalation in political relations between ex-yu states (bosnia, serbia,croatia). is it just a pre election games from all sides or it could be something serious that can lead to another war. do people of this countries have capacity to wage war in this moment. i remember that before war of 1992-1995. start every body was like Thats not going to happen not here and so on. so that is way today i can be sure on any thing as people saying same things again. do i need my passport ready? :)

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    Well damn we’re gonna have to close this website then :D



    Croatia is NATO and EU member.

    The principle of collective defence is
    at the very heart of NATO’s founding treaty. It remains a unique and
    enduring principle that binds its members together, committing them to
    protect each other and setting a spirit of solidarity within the

    NATO and EU will press on Croatia to stay out of conflict.



    If Serbs and Bosniaks gang up for some reason against Croats invading Croatia , then NATO will have an obligation to defend Croatia. Russia will want to defends the Serbs against another NATO aggression. So we have another world war started in the Balkans.  ;)



    All world problems would be actually solved if someone would erase Serbs and Croats from the map :D 



    @Sviatogor actually it’s Serbs and Bosniaks that are having trouble now and it might cause a big mess. Serbs in BiH want to separate from BiH. 



    well i dont thin that war is going to be in croatia. but bosnia on the other hand is always open for all kinds of shit. and it can be a place for battle between serbia and croatia and bosnia it self with out even officially being in war. but lets hope those are just dumb thoughts of politicly ignorant person. 🙂 



    the mysterious release of Seselj from the Hague, the coming to power of HDZ in Croatia were all not good signs for peace. somebody’s agenda is coming to fruition. It would be great if the common people didn’t fall for it this time.



    If there’s going to be war I feel like it would only be in Bosnia. I don’t think Serbia or Montenegro would descend into war and definitely not Croatia.



    There only way that there would be possible military conflict is if Republika Srpska actually tired to go through with the attempt of secession, which is very unlikely. Dodik starts with his secession Spiel every election and nothing ever happens. I think its the best way for him to make the people forgot in what kind of economic state the whole region and country is and so get re-elected. Also, Croatia and most likely Serbia would not want to get directly involved in any new conflicts as they have to much at stake economically and politically.



    IMO most likely place for some conflicts to take place is Macedonia, with that big Albanian minority it’s inevitable. These tensions between Bosnia, Serbia and Croatia are just for show. There are elections in Croatia in two weeks and I think there will be elections in Bosnia in a month or two. When Republika Srpska tries to separate from B&H that could turn into a conflict, but I don’t think there would be a full scale war, especially if it happens anytime soon, while those who fought in the last few wars are capable of fighting, plus B&H isn’t so ethnically  heterogeneous as it was at beginning of the ’90s, almost all Serbs live in RS, almost all Bosniaks and Croats live in FB&H.

    I just read that Serbian Security Information Agency (BIA) arrested a Croatian in Belgrade. He has both Croatian and Serbian citizenship and is suspected to be an agent of Croatian Security and Intelligence Agency (SOA)



    How did Albanians get in Macedonia in first place? Were there since the dawn of times or migrated recently? Or they have higher fertility rates than others in the Balkans?



    @Sviatogor all of the above :smiley: First mention of Albanians on Balkan peninsula is from 11th century, they claim they’re Illyrians and that they descend from some of the first Europeans… They never had a state of their own until 1912 so they could freely migrate through land of their rulers Byzantines, Bulgarians, Serbs, Ottomans… During the regime of Enver Hoxha (loyal to USSR and extremely oppressive), our (Yugoslav) government let significant number of Albanians into Yugoslavia, mostly Kosovo, although, they were already a majority there (but not as absolute). Albanian national goal is “Ethnic Albania” or Greater Albania, it includes Albania, roughly a third of Macedonia, Kosovo and Metohija plus Preševo, Bujanovac, Medveđa and smaller parts of Montenegro and Greece, they were already on those territories when that national ideal was created in 19th century. Albanians indeed have higher fertility rates, especially Muslim ones, so they got that going for them too.



    West Europe will become the new Balkans. The actual Balkans will be pretty stable. That’s my opinion anyways.



    @Sviatogor my mistake, Ethnic Albania is even larger then I thought.

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