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    Sperm counts of men in North America, Europe, Australia and New Zealand are plunging, according to a new analysis published Tuesday.

    Among these men there has been a 52% decline in sperm concentration and a 59% decline in total sperm count over a nearly 40-year period ending in 2011, the analysis, published in the journal Human Reproduction Update, said.

    Scientists determine sperm count by looking at a sample of ejaculate under a microscope. For sperm concentration, they measure how many millions of sperm there are in each milliliter of fluid. Sperm count, then, is sperm concentration multiplied by the total volume of an ejaculate.
      Researchers led by Dr. Hagai Levine of Hebrew University of Jerusalem examined thousands of studies and then conducted a meta-analysis of 185 studies. These included 42,935 male participants who provided semen samples between 1973 and 2011. The chosen studies were well distributed over the nearly 40 years of the study period and among 50 different countries. The analysis included information on fertility status, age, ejaculation abstinence time, semen collection method, sperm count method and geographic location at the level of continent.

      Based on their analysis, the international team of researchers from Brazil, Denmark, Israel, Spain and the United States reported a decline in sperm concentration of 1.4% per year with an overall drop of 52.4% during the entire study period for men living in industrialized, Western countries. Meanwhile, total sperm count among the same group plunged 1.6% per year and 59.3% overall. By comparison, the researchers found no significant declines in the sperm counts and sperm concentrations of men living in South America, Asia and Africa.

      “The extent of the decline is a heartache,” said Levine. “It’s hard to believe — it’s hard to believe for me.”

      The high proportion of men in Western countries with sperm concentrations below 40 million/ml is “particularly concerning,” wrote Levine and his co-researchers, because evidence indicates that a sperm concentration below this threshold is associated with a “decreased monthly probability of conception.”




      Wait… it means we’re Western men now? :)

      It means lower possibility to have children, or something like that?



      @GaiusCoriolanus I don’t know. We should find out. Let’s collect those 1000 samples. Should be enough. :D




      >It means lower possibility to have children, or something like that?

      Lower possibility for a girl to get knocked up.  In other words more sex for men to get girls pregnant. :)



      Eat healthy, stop watching degeneracy and doing degenerate things to yourself and abusing your body as a guy. 

      Modern unhealthy foods with artificial sugars in combination of constantly abusing your body lowers Testosterone levels significantly as a result; lower sperm counts in men. Of course it should also be put into play that people who live in heavily industrial areas will suffer sexual problems, fertility problems and if they’re lucky their child will be a girl, as it is also proven that with so much estrogens found in pollutants more women are being born as a result. 

      Get a water purifier as well. Modern women consume contraception pills like a child on MandMs chocolate, they pee this contraception and whilst the filters in the sewage of course clean the water it DOES NOT separate the chemicals these contraception are made of, which means everyone is drinking it. 



      I take this article in other way. There is a lower risk of unwanted pregnancy, but the risk still exists. It’s good for those who don’t want to have kids at a certain moment. But for those who want to have kids, the more they try the better – sooner or later will be successful. :)

      PS. I recommend to check the definition of a word “abuse”. :)




      Women are most fertile between 18-25, after this it starts to decline; most Europeans have maybe one or two children most, while Middle eastern and African families have many. Given the current political climate it is absolutely no excuse to find a good wife and have many children with her. If you don’t want to have children you be smart about it or abstain from sex, simple as that. If a woman finds you too feeble as a man, then she will simply do an abortion. 

      And yes Masturbation is abuse as is Internet Porn, you are draining your Masculine Energy whilst you could be out finding a good European traditional woman to give you many children. 



      (((((Dr. Hagai Levine)))))



      Okay :D



      @Volkhvy draining….. or training? 




      If you want to train, stop wasting your time wanking off and go to the Glorious Temple of Iron. 



      @Volkhvy “you are draining your Masculine Energy”

      Only one answer:



      @Volkhvy I crushed the iron for the record… no energy for further training



      @aaaaa oh how can I get this
      … for a friend




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