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    In Belarus spring equinox is not celebrated as such. However, there are spring festivals: Maslienica and Hukańnie Viasny (calling of the spring). Maslienica is pagan in origin which is timed to a week falling before religious fasting ending on Easter. Calling of the spring festive is also pagan in origin which will be celebrated this Sunday. In Belarus girls dress in traditional clothing , make cookies in form of birds and birds from papers attaching them to tree branches. They go in forests or meadows singing spring song asking the spring to arrive quicker.

    Hukańnie Viasny in Belarus



    Do other south & west Slavs have spring festivals timed to spring equinox that they celebrate?



    This song from western Smolensk or southern Pskov region (western Russia, border of Belarus) who also celebrated the festive in the past.



    In Bulgaria we give each other white and red tassels on the 1st of March. It’s called “baba Marta” and I’ve heard people link it to Morena rites. Coolest goddess of the slavic pantheon if you ask me. :D




    East Slavs burn straw doll on Maslenitsa . This straw doll is also known as Morena. The act of burning of Morena is symbolising the end of winter.




    Тhe Bulgarian red & white tassels are called “martenitsas” and we wear them until we see a stork after which we tie them to a tree.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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