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    I will start the topic with showing what is straight razor.

    My grandparents used them.

    As I am getting older I grow thicker beard. It takes more time and becomes more difficult to shave using razors bought in local shop. Maybe, we should return to straight razors? They are on sale. Good ones are expensive around $130.



    My father used those when he was young, still has two of them I think. He uses safety razor now. Straight razors undoubtedly look better, but I personally have no need for it, I use disposable razors. 



    This article shows comparison of many razors concluding a straight razor gives the cleanest shave. I showed the article to my girl. She says if I can shave without cutting myself, she’d love to see me having acleanest shave.





    My father used this razor. They were disposable too.



    @Svitogor that’s a safety razor, they’re sharper and stronger than disposable blades. Everything is disposable if you have enough money :smiley: With safety razor, only blade is disposable, you get a cleaner shave and you just change the blade when you feel it’s been used enough. I think blade for it cost less than 10 euro cents here. Whole thing costs around 30 euros and up.



    @ Dušan

    I have used Gillette double and triple blades for some time. These razors worked well if I shave every second or third day. I am getting older and if I don’t shave for a week, then it becomes a problem to use disposable Gillette razors. I need to 2-3 Gillette razors to shave after a week. I am curious about straight razors now. I ‘ve seen pictures of Russian shaving themselves with an axe. I am not like that.  :)



    Browsing through straight razors on eBay Damast Solingent cost around $4,000.  They are expensive!




    Old school Italian barber! Shave using straight razor. If I lived next to such barber I ‘d have shaved there at least three times a week. :)




    I remember when I was a kid some men were shaving in hair-dressers in Belarus.  Here’s another Italian old style barber. 




    They are extremely sharp.Be careful or you’ll cut your throat open in a sec.




    They are dangerous. I don’t like the idea of using it anymore.



    I don’t bother with shaving… beard trimmer for the past 11 years, never looked back.  Trim twice a week, too easy.



    Well! One will spend more time looking after beard than shaving. Shaving is easier.



    I haven’t shaved since I left the army. Luckily straight razors have other uses too.



    A year has gone since I started this discussion.

    I went to bathroom. I found Hydro 5  (6 cartridges), each cartridge has five blades and they are floating. The blades  are moving up and down.

    My current razor looks as one below

    Image result for schick hydro 5

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