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    Where can I find information on my family other than shell out money? I know for a fact my families came from Slovakia and Slovenia…but other than that…what they did there I do not know.




    How do you know they were from Slovakia and Slovenia?
    Can you provide names with correct diacritics? Is it Hricovec or Hričovec?

    I can’t find anything on Smirz. Probably a cognate with Polish Szumierz or Smarz, but I don’t know what they mean.

    The surname Misencik would be Mišenčík in Slovak, I think. It
    would be a diminutive of Mišo, which is a nickname for Michal/Michael (Hebrew

    When it comes to Hricovec, it again comes from personal name Hric, which is a Slavic form of name Gregory with Greek origin.
    The suffix “-ovec” makes me feel like it’s derived from a place name. I found a Slovak village called Dolný Hričov, which would yield Hričovec. Maybe or maybe not.
    Place names could’ve also changed in the past. It’s hard to determine the origin of that name.

    Don’t count on my knowledge and findings. It could be wrong, as I’m not a professional.



    what other information do you have about your family from these countries? it’s hard to say anything without a little more context



    there’s a famous writer and artist in Russia whose last name is Гришковец; he said in an interview that his last name comes from a Ukrainian village called Сиволож
    that’s not anywhere near Slovakia or Slovenia though



    Could Smirz not be a poorly transcribed version of Smitz? 

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