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    Taste of Democracy: The first McDonald’s in Moscow

    First Russian McDonalds was open in 1990’s. This are the pictures from 2 dozen years ago when the fi…

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    I thought the kid on the first photo has a Ushanka too! It turns out it’s his haircut :p



    Haha ,good comment Kat. Well I didnt knew that McDonald’s is a part of democracy. But USA teach us new things about democracy all the time.



    It seems that McDonald’s is a multinational company, which earns anywhere has its restaurants. My children like their food, but the great fortune to have them in Montenegro no. And it seems to me that neither the Muscovites were not thrilled.

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    I was at McDonald this weekend, i liked it :p i mean they have re-branded themselves. It’s now more like a nice looking caffe then like a childish hamburger factory it was before. Also i’m glad they removed that clown, God that was horrible :D



    I was working in largest McD in Belgrade for about six years; in 1990. we were constantly fighting for first place in the World against Star 2 Restaurant from Hong Kong. We even established undisputed World record with more than 13.000 transactions in a day. Of course, with Pushkin Square McD in Moscow opened, we were immediately beaten by 20.000+; but they had Cash on two floors. Everything is easy when you’re young

    It’s almost 20 years since I left McD, rarely drop there; only if my daughter insist, mostly for shake or sundae, that’s all I can really recommend.



    @VCucko did people do nasty things with food there and later sell it to people?



    @Kat Well, don’t trust every urban legend you hear of.

    McD food is rubbish as it is, it isn’t known as junk food for nothing, but sane person won’t do insane things to other people’s food. On the other hand, insane people are potential danger in every restaurant in the world, no matter McD or not. In short: there are many places you can eat far better than in McD, but don’t worry, nobody spits or pees on food there (if that’s what you thought).

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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