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    Modern rap music is usually written to appeal to the teenagers who wish to party and forget about problems. Sadly the most common topics rap addresses nowadays are sex, drugs, alcohol etc.
    However, when two rap giants such as Marchelo and Edo Maajka join forces to address our nations to bigger issues and problems you get urban poetry. Words that cut through the facade of temporary solace of life and dig in deep and stick with you and make you remember them every so often to question life itself.
    Although rap is not very popular among older people, usually because they see it as a desecration of music with no point other than to bump and grind at local night clubs and ***** houses, occasionally good rappers indeed write masterpieces.

    This following video is a collaboration of two great rap artists from Balkans, one being Bosniak and the other is a Serb from Serbia. I took the liberty to translate it to English and I tried as hard as I could to preserve the meaning of ever sentence but unfortunately it's a hard thing to do. Either way, I think I did a decent job. Hopefully the song will make you start thinking about conflicts between Slavs in a different light, even between long-time rivals. I'm sure many of the Slavs from the north could also relate to the lyrics.

    Marchelo (Serbian)
    And tonight I look up to the stars and ask myself:
    "what is destiny?"- Shiver in the chest,
    Earth eternally thirsty for tears and pain that overwhelms.
    And tonight we wait for Godot on the stairway of the metro.
    I dream grey but I want to dream life.

    Oh God who's sins do we expensively pay?
    Who's debts do we repay?
    All the senseless wars, rainy days without a rainbow,
    young lives that waited for some better days.

    Do not look at your home, angel
    you will die from the sorrow.
    Because of fake patriotism peers died and it wasn't even their fault.
    Oh God I admit I'm a *****, I love to live.

    And the pictures wave from the walls,
    even when they say that time flies.
    I pray to the sun it remembers us again.
    And I swear by God there is no ideal more precious than a single life.

    All the great philosophers-utopians:
    Thank you, but I don't find solace in these talks
    about patriotism and dogmas and fake science,
    I know the dead cry because my heart hears their screams.

    They weep and curse and ask if it was worth it?
    Was it worth it? Tell it to the mother that lost her only child.
    And we still live in poverty and desperation,
    mourn for the people, in the old neighborhood and the whole world
    let them know.

    Let them know that there was shooting and crying here
    out of the same desparation, and let them know
    that even today we don't know neither the reason nor the meaning.
    With a microphone in Tuzla* and they accepted me like a brother,
    Everyone's tired of war, the hate's not ours, it was given.

    Oh father, tell me, should I now hate Croat or a Muslim?
    We all share the wound from the old days.
    People are people, regardless from this or that side,
    We're afraid of the same things, forgive us our sins.

    Our Lord, I'm not the one that knows, but I hope you know
    why so much pain, tears and fear.
    Ashes, ashes or dust will again become dust,
    but no one will know why brothers shot at each other.(2x)

    Edo Maajka (Bosniak)

    Our people are pathetic and gullible.
    When a man has nothing
    it's easy to sell away what he shares.
    And again the whole Balkan weeps.

    We have great nations with little brains.
    Strong fathers and leaders, they're like drugs to us.
    This whole time we chose the wrong systems.
    Dear people, it's about time we move on.

    I don't want to shoot another bullet for suspicious ancestors.
    I don't want to live my whole life starting new beginnings.
    You mother****ers! Wherever I go, in Europe, left or right,
    forward or back, I need a visa.

    And it's our stupidity, fear and hesitance,
    Wish of the majority to have a village mentality.
    Finally you think we're doing well,
    Then we turn back to hate.

    We have no patience for new ones so we wither.
    We forgot how to laugh.
    These muscles on our face simply refuse to move.
    He-hey! When I see the estrada it comes back!
    And then it fades away when I remember where I live…

    Our Lord, I'm not the one that knows, but I hope you know
    why so much pain, tears and fear.
    Ashes, ashes or dust will again become dust,
    but no one will know why brothers shot at each other.(2x)


    Do you know any similar songs from your own countries that have same or similar topics? :)

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