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    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    As the title says thanks to the few that donated and became Slavorum Supporters we have acquired for a certain price an upgrade for our forum.

    *You will notice the "Advertise" tab in the main menu left from "donations, logout".

    This is a modification that was especially made and bought for Slavorum and it provides the option for some businesses on example some "Slavic internet shop" to advertise their business at our forum with buying an ad space per month and uploading their "ad" that will be placed either "after the first post" and at the "forum bottom".

    With this Slavorum will not only serve as a great tool for small and large Slavic bussniness to advertise themselves in front of a Slavic community and many guests of this forum interested about same things but also could provide some financial support for Slavorum to keep it alive and upgrade it further. In next couple of months if/when the buyers of ad space show up you could be noticing advertisements(Slavic oriented) on Slavorum.

    Either way it's a great modification that was brought to Slavorum thanks to it's dear Supporters. We just wanted to share that with all so that you can see how you support Slavorum and indeed upgrade it and make it live and be a better forum. There are countless more great quality applications (besides paying for hosting) that Slavorum might acquire in future thanks to it's supporters. You do count as you can see and your actions do show!

    P.S.- A new bonus granted for Slavorum Supporters will be the ability to not view the ads so they don't have to view them if they don't wish to even thought many will be useful and interesting.


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