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    No matter how far along you are in your career, the nine-to-five slog can get boring, and the idea of making your own hours and deadlines gets more and more attractive.

    In order to inspire you to go freelance, UK B2B comparison site Expert Market has produced a ranking of the best countries to live in if you want to be your own boss.

    The study looked at economic and lifestyle factors in 57 countries around the world. They combined data on the cost of living, average internet speeds, the quality of the transport system, number of free wifi spots, the cost of a cup of coffee, individual income tax rates, as well as the ease of starting a business and access to credit.

    Czech Republic. With solid marks across all categories, Czech cities like Prague are a good bet for the self-employed. B)

    Bulgaria. While the low income tax rates might be the main draw, it also has the cheapest coffee on this list, at an average of just £0.94 a cup. I can get with the cheap coffee! <3




    0.94 GBP a cup is high-noon robbery, actually. How much do you folks pay for a cup of coffee if that looks cheap to you?



    2.06 leva for a cup of coffee? Where’s that? At the airport? :D
    Oh, wait, it’s not for a cup of coffee, but a capuccino instead. In any case, I don’t see how cheap coffee factors in being your own boss.



    AUD$4 for a coffee latte here in most cafes, restaurants, etc… Only 7-11 has cheap coffee, AUD$1 per cup!

    But we are major coffee snobs here, especially in Melbourne.  Everyone is like a coffee connoisseur here.  Chains like Starbucks are not popular here, people want authenticity.



    So, we should all be buying one way ticket to Sofia it seems ;)



    I’d personally rather go to Prague (even without considering this list). I mean, they have cool architecture, beautiful women and good beer – what more could you want (unless you’re srdceleva or aaaaa, in which case their atheism would leave you wanting for… something more, I guess)?



    @NikeBG the Czechs who are faithful are very faithful and sincere Christians . I could live in Prague.



    The realest Christians are in the Middle East. It’s a quality/quantity paradigm as usual.



    Of course I’m biased and if I ever move to another Slavic country it’ll be Slovakia. I see Slovenia ranked pretty low on this. I of course don’t know anything on their policies when it comes to business, but the country sure seems like a good country to live in. They have high living standard, beautiful and diverse nature, you can climb the alps and go take a swim in the see in the same day. Everything is close because the country is so small, even other countries, you can literally go just for a drink to Italy, Croatia, Austria, Hungary. I of course have relatives living there (as does anyone with any connection to Bosnia)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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