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    Such is the name of the exhibition that is held in Russia. http://www.zelmuseum.ru/news/yarkiy-mir-drevnikh-slavyan.html

    The exhibition presents the reconstruction of everyday costumes of the eastern  Slavic tribes Novgorodian Slovenes, Pskovian Kriviches, Vyatiches of
    IX-XI centuries: clothes, jewelry and various accessories that are based on materials from the burrials, settlements and other archaeological sites are also on display. Yyou will see a copy of the weapons of the era, including the sword of the Ramsar settlement (Yaroslavl region, Russia) Shestovits sword (Chernigov region, Ukraine) and others. The exhibition allows to get acquainted with the characteristic features of ancient Slavic costume tracing  its evolution and the impact on it of neighboring tribes.

    Reconstructed eastern Slavic costumes. More pictures here:  https://vk.com/wall70752970_8795?hash=f4b341961af768ce13



    Judging by the shape of the temple ring this would be a Pskovian Krivich woman lived in the region next to northern Belarus and eastern Latvia.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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