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    As we have seen Brexit this year, and next week we see the Italian Referendum which is likely to lead to the Italian PM’s resignation and political instability in Italy according to the polls.  The ever danger of the EU breaking up seems to be rising but at a very slow pace from an outsiders point of view.

    What do the Slavs think of the EU as a political and economic concept?  

    I am interested from the point of view of Slavs currently in the EU, or those Slavs from member states vying to enter the EU, or those Slavs that sit outside the EU and are unlikely to join.



    The whole EU bureaucracy strikes me as a bunch of idiots who doesn’t know where they are heading at and what they wanna accomplish. Whenever a country or a group of countries doesn’t wanna listen to them all they can do is try to issue them empty treats because they basically mean nothing.

    Bad thing for the countries trying to enter the EU is basically they project their frustration and failures to those countries.

    Boris V.
    Boris V.

    The grass is always greener over the fence i’d say.



    My economic view is that the single currency bloc favours the economically stronger countries (Northern Europeans). By having economically weaker countries in the bloc, it weakens the currency and makes the developed economies more competitive with their exporting.  The weaker economies in the bloc, do not have the luxury to broaden fiscal policy and are usually subject to austerity set by the EU and nor can they weaken the currency relative to their economy to make themselves more competitive to export or attract foreign investment.  In addition, Eastern member states of the EU are limited in their trade dealings with other neighbouring countries, namely with Russia due to EU Sanctions. In addition, having the overlay of Brussels setting legislation at the top, takes away some power from the ability for EU member nations with their legislative accords.  Whilst, opening the borders has the advantage to enable labour mobility with its open borders enabling idle labour resources to move from one country to another for work opportunities, it does weaken the already weaker economies in the bloc as they tend to experience brain drain during their economic downturn.  Whilst I’m only scratching the surface with the flaws of the EU single currency bloc, I was hoping to see the views of others on this topic.



    I really hope the EU falls apart soon.



    The concept isn’t bad in its basics. However the whole EU system has begun to represent everything i dislike and discard. I believe its has become baseless with shallow values. Also EU bureaucracy is over bloated and out of touch. That being sad this is not problem of idea of EU by itself, rather the nations that it is composed of. Like a mirror. However there is some systemic error in it. Even if it was arranged better its hard to lump  together economies with people of different economic and work traditions. Such issues can be noticed even in a homogeneous nations. There are always better and worse regions but that’s still nothing comparing to EU.

    The EU serves some countries good however. What i wanna stress is freedom of movement and the eu currency. This is most crucial especially for Germany. They get our markets and what a huge stream of eastern and southern EU helots it is. :D


    I support it, but I do see problems within the inside- to name 3
    1)It appears to me that country politics depend on the region where the country is located for example northerners are more liberal easterners are rightist/conservative while southerners are leftists/socialists. It is difficult to build common foreign and internal policy on this.
    2) Ideological propaganda – media are theoreticaly free and yet they support rightist or leftist political side. Journalist supporting rightist views would never send his CV to liberal press. so they basically are waging war! Without hesitation they cut part of material if it is not “correct” with accordance to they believes or they will write in a fashion that will promote bad idea as a wonderful and only solution. Politicans do exactly the same thing they spout nonsense b******t  and are wondering why people start to put their votes on radical ideologies.
    3) Lack of any power – We see great migration to Europe nowadays and with time we learned that some west african dictarships found this problem as a great idea to make some money. They started to send immigrants by themselves. Which makes smugglers from those countries basically government agents. Eu diplomats went to those countries to stop this and returned with nothing ! They were unable to negotiate from position of strength with one of the most undeveloped regions on our planet… I lack any words  to describe how pathetic this is. I will not even mention treaty with Turkey concerning this problem.



    The EU would be good if it wasn’t ruled by leftist, cultural marxists. 



    Capitalism would be good if everyone were honorable. Communism would be good if … wait. Communism would still be shit.
    Point is, failed super states like the EU are a product of cultural marxism. They go like bread and butter. Without the latter the former wouldn’t make any sense.




    To me EU looks like USSR.

    I doubt Italy will exit it, because without it Italy is nothing. Britain is strong country, EU really pulls it down. Maybe now will be some harsh time for Britain, but in long term Britain will benefit from brexit.

    I think every union either become a whole country or falls apart. EU consists of some economicaly strong countries who profit by destroying the economics of more weak members of the Union, meantime giving them loans and calling them dead beats. In turn, small countries acuse creditors but like their money. So it creats a sick cycle. The sick cycle breaks when money ends, like it was with USSR. So EU can last rather long term but in the end it will fall apart.

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