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    The fierce pagan Narentines of Pagania

    They were know for their highly zealotous Slavic paganism, and they rejected Christianity fiercly. T…

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    The great pagan history of Slavs should be revived again.



    De Administrando Imperio by Byzantine emperor Constantine VII Porphyrogenitus, says that “Pagani are descended from the unbaptized Serbs” and that “The Pagani are so called because they did not accept baptism at the time when all the Serbs were baptized.”



    @Balša they were just a slavic tribe. They probably weren`t Croats or Serbs, they were just one of the other tribes who formed sklavinija in present day Dalmatia, middle Dalmatia.
    Funny you mentioned Konstantin. He also said that in his time after Bulgar-Serb fighting there were ony 50 Serbs in Serbia. Do you believe that? 😉
    On other hand you have several other sources that say that Morjani, Pagani, are just one of the branches of croatian origin.
    What about Timočani etc… You cannot look on that time through eyes of today ethnicity. Serbs and Croats were the most powerful tribes that settled on this area. During time they incorporated smaller tribes that were in cultural or other sence closer to Croats or Serbs. So the statemant that Morjani were unbaptized Serbs is untrue.
    Konstantin writes what he wants and what suit him in political manner. He often identify ethnicity of the lord with subjects. If lord is Croat all subjects are Croats, if lord is Serb etc. That often doesn`t stay in same line as truth. So we have other sources, and only if we look them all we can conclude something, but when we use only one source we have partial informations…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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