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    It was closed when I was last in Ukraine.

    However, I wouldn't consider it safe.  I've seen it on T.V. but they state that you shouldn't make contact with the soil and radioactive isotypes apparently cling to organic matter (e.g. on the show they were concerned about breathing in hairs from a captured Wolf)



    It will be contaminated for the next couple of thousand years.



    For those interested, a site with some intersting reports and pictures of the contaminated zone:



    I heard that Belarus is even worse impacted than Ukraine.



    The border in the radioactive zone is still patrolled, though.

    I think Chernobyl is now the largest natural park (absence of humans) in temperate Europe.




    Watching a travel show I saw a old woman still living inside the contaminated area and seemed to be doing fine, growing food and everything.


    Watching a travel show I saw a old woman still living inside the contaminated area and seemed to be doing fine, growing food and everything.

    A few thousand people decided to stay there in their villages despite the radiation. Many homeless people from Ukraine and Belarus are living in the closed area, too.



    I wonder why Chernobyl disaster isn't presented there as "Russian genocide of Ukrainians and Belorussians". It's even boring… Moderators are becoming to be more adequate or Sokil not managed to write his new portion of bullshit?  ;D



    No flaming guys, don't even try to potent a new fight or we'll be giving some vacations, please just stop the infighting already.




    Chernobyl happened because of incompetence. Also, "Belorussians" are called Belarusians in english – after all, they are people from Belarus and not "White Russians". I won't answer your trolling attempts.[size=2pt]since I do not want you too again run crying too your buddies at kikefront.[/size]



    This's not a trolling, just a few facts:
    1) The Chernobyl nuclear power plant had the name of Lenin ("famous Russian emperialist").
    2) The constructor of nuclear reactor was A.P.Alexsandrov, ethnic Muscovite. He was a cadet at the Civil War he served in the army of Wrangel ("the army of moscovian shouvinists"). This's his photo:

    [IMG]http://lurkmore.ru/images/d/d7/Alex.jpg” />

    From November 25, 1975 to October 16, 1986 – he was the President of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR ("member of russian ZOG").

    3) The common unofficial version called Alexandrov main culprit of the Chernobyl accident as a project scientist for the RBMK, for allowing the critical flaws in the design and ignored the decision of the Scientific-Technical Council of Minsredmash ("he definitely wanted a genocide"), suggestions of V.P.Volkov and V.L. Ivanov to reduce the steam reactivity effect on the results of the accident 30 November 1975 on the first unit of Leningrad NPP ("the first testing of genocide weapon").

    4) Nobody among ethnic Ukrainians wanted to build power station on Western Ukraine, it was the decision of the Russian invaders. The personnel of Chernobyl:

    -chief engineer of the station, N.M. Fomin
    -chief of the night shift of the 4th of the Chernobyl reactor was Akimov A.F.
    -senior reactor control engineer L.F. Toptunov
    -shift supervisor of station B. Rogozhkin
    -operator of the station, the main culprit of wrong operations – A. Dyatlov

    This information was taken from the official sources, i see only ethnic muscovites in this list, maybe they were even KGB agents.

    5) The occupation authorities concealed the scale of the disaster and prevented the protection of the Ukrainian population. Personnel of Chernobyl station continues to work on the Russian nuclear power plants . Nuff said. 

    [IMG]http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/2/23/Chernobyl_radiation_map_1996.svg/568px-Chernobyl_radiation_map_1996.svg.png” />

    6) Radioactive genocide were commited on the territory of Belarus and Western Ukraine. Every year Ukraine loses 320 potential geniuses and hundreds of thousands of points IQ. More than a thousand of children are born annually cretins. 



    Good post, Sibiryak! Interesting info.
    I read also that some Ukrainian and Belarussian children living in fallout regions are still today born with abnormalities (physical and mental). It is truly tragedy, something which USSR was very good at creating, it seems.



    I'm not interested in reviving an old thread, however I stumbled across a very interesting video and had to share it with you guys.

    http://youtu.be/brQqRLCx*** (change *** into J**)

    Listen from 15:00 to 17:25.

    Guess who is to blame for the disaster according to the video? :)




    Quite possibly, Chernobyl was a Zionist job, however, I would be cautious with people who use words like "New World Order" etc. Many of them are in fact deceivers or afraid of naming the Yid.

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