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    [img width=820 height=737]http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs32/f/2008/190/6/e/Ivana_Kupala_by_Lady_Leanora.jpg” />

    Polish Noc Świętojańska or Sobótka Russian, Ukrainian Ніч на Купала or Купало/Купайло and Belarusian Купала  may mean the traditional fest or the god. All of the variants are pronounced in the same or almost exactly the same manner regardless of the language and alphabet.

    For some neo-pagans, Kupała, also known as Sobótka, is the festival celebrated on the Summer solstice  in June. They believe that it was a sacred holy day honoring the two most important elements: Fire and Water. The tradition is to burn fires at the end of the day and bathe in open waters at sunset, singing and dancing around 'pal' till midnight. At midnight, under the pretext of searching for "the flower of the Fern," unmarried men and women run into the forest. Ladies with a crown of flowers on their head (Polish: wianek), a symbol of their unmarried state, go first, singing. Next they are followed by single men. If you find the "flower of the Fern" the wishes of life may be fulfilled. However, nobody found it so far, but they lived happily together. The lucky man would return with a flower ring on his head, with the now engaged lady.

    In his book Deutsche Mythologie (1835), Jacob Grimm noted that Russians used the word "kupala" to describe the bonfires they lit at the summer solstice, and recorded that some people explained the word as the name Kupulo, a harvest god.

    In Slavonic neo-paganism, Kupała is the goddess of herbs, sorcery, sex, and midsummer. She is also the Water Mother, associated with trees, herbs, and flowers. Her twin sister is Kostroma. Her celebration falls upon the Summer solstice in June, which is a sacred holy day honoring the two most important elements of Fire and Water.

    [img width=820 height=545]http://www.tourjournals.ru/system/files/images/ivana_kupala.jpg” />

    [img width=820 height=477]http://lh4.ggpht.com/elvlad4/R5eEy6ctDFI/AAAAAAAAADk/f0K_sGNqEqQ/ivan+kupala_thumb%5B4%5D” />

    [img width=820 height=541]http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_taPC-1l2iog/R7KEr8nEqOI/AAAAAAAAWOI/oLYneYJu23w/s400/Ivan+Kupala+Day.jpg” />

    [img width=820 height=554]http://www.amdoc.org/pressmaterials/belarusianwaltz/images/04_belarusianwaltz.jpg” />



    [img width=820 height=602]http://wonderful-russia.net/img/Ivan-Kupala-Day/00s6aet7.jpg” />

    [img width=515 height=800]http://wonderful-russia.net/img/Ivan-Kupala-Day/00s6d24s.jpg” />

    [img width=612 height=800]http://wonderful-russia.net/img/Ivan-Kupala-Day/00s6fz5g.jpg” />

    [img width=569 height=800]http://wonderful-russia.net/img/Ivan-Kupala-Day/00s6q7fz.jpg” />




    Kupała night, actually, Pentaz. ;)

    Noc Kupały in Poland:

    [img width=820]http://folk.wkrakowie.org/wp-content/uploads/2006/06/wianki.jpg” />

    [img width=820 height=561]http://i.wp.pl/a/f/jpeg/22584/bialorus_afp_kupala.jpeg” />

    [img width=820 height=613]http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_vh6417o5Zvw/TCNNfyOlvOI/AAAAAAAAA0s/sGAHFEuC7bs/s1600/nockupaly.jpg” />

    [img width=820]http://folk.wkrakowie.org/wp-content/uploads/2006/06/krag_axis.jpg” />

    [img width=820 height=547]http://img.interia.pl/wiadomosci/nimg/Noc_Kupali_1705007.jpg” />

    Whole gallery from festival in 2005:



    [img width=500 height=332]http://www.tourjournals.ru/system/files/images/ivana_kupala.jpg” />

    😮  😮  😮  😮  😮 OMFG, maybe i will convert to paganism.         Ha ha ha




    😮  😮  😮  😮  😮 OMFG, maybe i will convert to paganism.  ;D  ;D  ;D  ;D ;D Ha ha ha

    ..akože LOL ! :D



    Damn our ancestors knew how to praise the gods  ;D ;D ;D.



    Pagan style, soft porn ;D



    Sweet mother of Perun 😮



    These are the kind of Pagan rituals I want revived ;D

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