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    Researchers seek to preserve the recollections of Lemkos who experienced World War II in their homeland, forced labor in Germany, and/or the expulsion operations of 1945-1947, including "Akcja Wisla" (Operation Vistula.)

    From the site:

    About the Project
    The Lemko Project is an independent oral history collection initiative that seeks to preserve the oral histories of the Lemko people, and to explore the historical events that affected them, including the post-World War II expulsion campaigns that resulted in the virtual destruction of their settlements in Southeast Poland.


    Since 2009, The Lemko Project has collected interviews from more than 75 participants in Ukraine, Poland and North America, and these individuals originate from villages in virtually every subsection of the Lemko region.  We interview individuals who fit specific methodology and criteria, and they are generally people who experienced deportations and other events that affected Lemkos during and after World War II.


    The Lemko Project is independent, objective and inclusive of all Lemkos and we have taken great care to include a healthy balance of Rusyn-oriented and Ukrainian-oriented Lemkos in our participant pool. While we have benefited from the assistance of hundreds of individuals and Lemko-related organizations, The Lemko Project is not aligned with any single organization, ideology or orientation.



    Operation Vistula is sad event indeed. Do Lemko's try to come back to their original land or stay in so called recovered territories?



    well, the land they were chased from was resettled by poles. their children, grandchildren etc are mostly assimilated and, anyway, why moving somewhere else when you have already got a job and living in western poland



    I hear you but maybe some tried to come back altho not in big numbers. :D

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