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    The meaning of the Sun and the red color in Macedonian culture

    Macedonia – Red, just like all other colors, has different meanings. From a psychological or artistic point of view, it can be a symbol of love, sacrifice, endurance, passion or energy. In eastern cultures, red is a symbol of luck.

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    Do you have an image of Tzar Samuil’s Flag? Curious to see it. Thanks



    Just the other day I was thinking if there was any other reason for choosing the Sun for the Macedonian flag, besides the most obvious one (the Vergina star and its association with the ancient Macedons).

    P.S. @GLK I don’t know about any flags (let alone in the medieval Balkans), but these birds from Tsar Samuil’s grave are considered by some to be his Coat of Arms. Which is also unlikely, considering CoAs in that time had only just appeared in Western Europe and it would take several more centuries till they appear among the Balkan nations. Still, it might have some relation to Samuil, since Petar Delyan, during his conflict with Tihomir, mentioned something about two parrots not being able to sit on one branch, i.e. there can’t be two kings (and, thus, Tihomir was killed). Still, I’m also curious if the author can show us any actual flag of Samuil or at least from those times – I’m actually searching for such banners from that time period for one game mod I’m working on.



    I think the red and yellow flags are more recent. Those colours appeared on various uprising flags;

    Ilinden and the Krusevo Republic;





    Regarding the sun on flags, the Vergina symbol was adopted in the 1980s..

    Before that we have examples also, for example the flag of the Slav-Macedonian Literary Society in St Petersburg from 1902;

    The sun also appears from the 1920s;



    Red colour was  a symbol of beauty in eastern Slavic cultures. Commies adopted it and discredited it. Now people around the world associate red with commies.  Just like Nazi adopted the ancient symbol swastika and discredited it.

    In  Russian , red is krasniy (красный), which is synonymous with beauty – ‘kras’. The original meaning of the Red Square in Moscow was the beautiful square. There are many Kremlins in Russia that served a purpose similar to those of the castles in the west. The most famous one is in Moscow. It’s not surprising Moscow Kremlin was painted in red colour long before commies appeared. Traditional costumes of Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians have plenty of red embroidery.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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