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    The most creepiest forest place in Belarus

    Welcome to Baranovichi, a little village in Belarus. Of the the residents, an 71-year-old resident o…

    Read the full story here



    Lmao at that snake thing :D



    @Slavorum: As an English teacher, I am greatly disturbed by your use of a double superlative in the article headline. However, because I like you, I will let it go, for NOW. ;D

    Also, I loved this story. I think I would enjoy seeing this guy’s house. I want the carving of the man with the accordion for my garden. He’s awesome.



    This bear has a “tree” in his anus, or is it just my wicked perception? :)



    @Gaius: I, too, noticed the unfortunate placement of the pine tree! That poor bear! :D



    @Karpivna, and this bear is smiling :)
    OT – check PMs :]



    Checking PM now. :)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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