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    Hello dear forum users  :),

    I think and know that the biggest east-european problem is the name of the tirbe.  Slave. Well it is fact that the word slave (rob) was the the same with the name slave (eastern european tribe) it is derived from sklavos =slave .
    Slavic ppl been used for slavery by Byzantin , celts, turks,…


    if you can read german there is a link.

    We all know that language and communication is the most important thing on earth, romans knew it, everyone knew it.
    It is a shame that our nations have to call themselves "slavic" nations.
    Only because of this fact that we call us this way our nations are enslaved and we degradate and are disused and robbed deeply on every level.

    Our biggest robber, the thief of our lives and freedom are celtic nations(south and middle gemans, french, swiss, english and irish) this ppl with celtic heritage speak about us as slaves.

    Of course the whole world do know that we are slaves, but we are more slaves because of the name we have.

    slavic= means famous

    Celts means= rich on things and equity, powerfull and strong. But celts are although murderers of many, celts=killt = murderer. They kill and rob others for becoming rich and powerfull.

    Celts enslaved eastern european nations the most. Celts killed 100000 more people than they are in number. They own too much worldwide(northern america, australia, africa, eastern europe are down by this small group of french, english, middle south germans,… )

    They do not respect eastern europeans and do not want to intermix and disuse ppl deeply.
    It is a common picture of the celtic greed for power and having things (equity, money, all the materia on earth), it is a shame you can see worldwide: ultra mega rich celtic owner having villages and cities 12 digit numbered US$ or EU account living with a poor degradated disused slave from eastern europe (Ukraine, Belarus or Serbia, Croatia,…) and of course abroad somewhere where the celts slaughtered other races or nations ( Northern America or Australia,…)
    It is out of their greed, heritage and the name of their group that celts (murderers for power and money) do not let other live their lives. The celts are the tumor of this planet and destroyed the lives of eastern europeans too much more than others.

    It is a shame to look at the incomes of eastern europeans , their creepy lives and their overly huge rich european celtic neighbours owning a half of the world.
    Celts rob a "slavic" eastern european person even his or her last shirt and cent and are not ashamed of being the same time 100000 times richer and watch us all dying and suffering in poverty.

    It is a shame that has to stop: I am sure it can stop if we change the name from "slave" or slavic countries and nations to something that is translated to other languages of our neighbours has a different meaning, a social respectable meaning, a high dignity and recognition and a promise of being rich, free, a survivor over all other groups around.

    COmmunication and information is the most important thing on earth, we can not have a name "slave" or believe in "bog" while bog in turkish means shit.

    Enslaved shitbelievers?? Well that is how our neighbours interpret it and disuse and enslave us.

    This selected information, communication robbed us too many possibilities of surviving and good rich fullfilled life.
    You have to understand that everything else is blocked except of this name "slave" , so are the other possibilities blocked except of "slavery" this is how communication works. Only this is politically correct.

    Our lives will improve 10000% more if we change the key to success, the language we communicate and the meaning of the words. We haveto compare the words in our languages and those of neighbours and find the most valuable best solution for our european nations that are nowadays still called "slavic = enslaved".

    Only after this the salaries and the life styles of people will improve and they will be able to change the information and interpretation of themselves in the eyes of other and survive much much more.

    We can not go on as slaves, it is a shame and a very hard poor live, this has to stop and some other values have to change them either. But this other issues I will talk about in another thread.


    Only after freeing ourselves from this meaning of being slaves (robbed deeply people) we will start to rethink and communication nicer, more successfull, free and the information around us (money, equity, social status, emotional feelings, the way others look at us, …) will change.
    Of course it is not easy to forget all the centuries of wearing such a shamefull name "slaves" and being enslaved (and this is the only truth we have to look at which is hard to see, because it is such a shame) , but after this dramatic change into a nicer name we will really change. It will be the biggest impact , the best investment into our future as nations. I truly know it.

    Do not underestimate communication. The whole world speaks english, we can not live on as slaves in this world, that are robbed deeply all the time in any direction. What can be harder?

    Look how this name changed our lives= slave=servant, deeply robbed person,… no good meaning in celtic language and the whole world speaks this language.
    We earn almost nothing compared to the almost same looking white neighbours celts and they rob us and enslave us systematically.

    After the name change it will stop and we will be free and survive more and will be able to become rich, successfull, socially recognized not as slave nation that can be disused deeply, but as we will call ourselves.

    With the change of the name of our group from slavic to something more suitable for us (of course we have to decide and find the suitable best possible name with a big pofessional research group) our personality as nation/s will change and we come up on a high level of living worldwide, step by step our children will forget the hardships of the past and we wont struggle that much any more ( we will change the struggel that is a part of slavic culture into enjoyment) we will rewrite the attributes of our characteristica and we will change.

    It is possible to change the information and the communication not only in words but with the whole world, but to be able to do this we will have to change the name first from "slavic or slaves" into the best solution for us.

    I look forward to your comments on this very important issue.

    Please take it serious.

    love, peace, life and health,

    e ;)






    I feel confused.


    Hello dear forum users  :),



    I feel confused.

    me too…



    Enslaved s.hitbelievers??

    Lost it here hahahaha



    Well, I stopped after first three sentences.



    I sense albinos that make the "rrrrrrrrr" sound" xD



    "It is a shame that our nations have to call themselves "slavic" nations."
    Why ? I am actually pretty pround to be Slav.
    If someone don't understand you calmly explain the meaning of Slav.
    And if he refuse to understand then he is a troll.



    It's a roll bread



    If would get 1 Euro for every sherlock on Slavorum in the past few months, claming all sorts of hularious things, I would have a lot of Euros by now. Damnit, I could get Slovenia out of crisis! ;D

    You sir are probably worth a 2 Euro coin. :)

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