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    Glamočko Gluvo Kolo, or Nemo Kolo.

    It is named after the town called Glamoč in southwestern Bosnia. It is also known as "Gluho  Kolo or Gluvo Kolo", literally a deaf ring-dance.

    There is no music in this dance. The only sounds are the rhythms of the dancers' steps as they pound on the ground and tinkling of coins on the costumes. The dancer's feet sound like drums and the decorated costumes sound like cymbals. The dance celebrates the spirit, resilience and persistence of the Serbs from the town of Glamoch.

    During the Ottoman occupation of the Balkans, Serbian villagers in the Herzegovina region were forbidden from playing music and singing national songs. However, they found ways to maintain the music and dance of their heritage by ingeniously dancing the so-called mute dances – accompanied only by the rhythm of their steps accentuated by the jingling of coins worn as part of the women’s costumes, and commands (like “turn!”, and “again!” and “once more!”) needed to maintain or change the rhythm and the direction.

    Sometimes danced for hours, the dance tested the endurance and the strength of those participating, perhaps also giving a chance for them to choose a bride or a groom.[/I]
    KUD D.Koturovic – Glamoc

    KUD Cirilo i Metodije – Gluvo Glamocko TV K::CN

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