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    The top 5 weirdest Ukrainian beliefs you should be aware of

    Ukraine – Every nation has their own beliefs and they get so deep into our culture that sometimes people don’t realise how strange they might look for a foreigner. You said something you really don’t want to happen – touch wood.

    Read the full story here



    Exactly the same superstitions exist in Russia but not all in Belarus. This is another proof Ukrainians and Russians are cousins who don’t like each other very much.



    Duh. Run of the mill old wives’ tales. I expected something more exotic.



    Good article xd



    Some of these myths persist in south Slavic countries as well. Once I broke a plate on accident and my grandma’s friend (originally from some old village) started crossing herself and praying to Mary & Jesus. lol 



    Sitting in the corner of the table  – you will not get married.
    Broken mirror is bad luck.
    Girls don’t put their bags on the floor or ground – bad luck and no money.
    Black cat crossing the road – spit three times over the shoulder.

    I can go on.

    These are common superstition to east European cultures.



    Similar here. I just never heard about a woman with an empty bucket.




    > I just never heard about a woman with an empty bucket.

    I have heard about it. It’s a Russian and Ukrainian superstition. I haven’t heard about this superstition among Belarusians. I maybe wrong, because some Belarusians live close to Ukrainians and Russians. Maybe there’s such superstition among Belarusians living on border regions. I don’t know.



    Some of these seem to be universal to European cultures. The black cat is also common in England and the u.s  nock on wood is a common English expression. The women without a bucket is hilarious though, u have to see a man with a full bucket hahahah



    Yeah, the black cat crossing one’s path and knocking on wood are completely ingrained into the common folklore/superstition of the United States.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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