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    Anyone watched the movie or the tv series?


    Would you recommend it? I've read poor reviews about the movie.
    What are you thoughts about it?

    The books are pretty great, and the game series are awesome.



    I've played the game and i love it. Hopefully the movie is interesting, will watch.



    i have watched a few episodes of the series and its shit. ive read that the movie is made in a similar way, which means its a similar shit.
    stories & the pentalogy are very good, though; especially the last two parts (the swallow tower & the lady of the lake) written in well mastered nonlinear narrative.



    I'm downloading the movie and the series atm. I've read the movie is dumbed down port of the series but i decided to give it a shot. I will watch the movie first then the series. It's a Slavic masterpiece so yeah ….



    Now you guys got me intrigued…i'll have to check the witcher too



    @ lutovac18 – Sapkowski may be an asshole as a person but truly its hardly possible that Slavic culture may be praised in better way than in Wiedźmin saga. Sapkowski’s language in original is on the level of world masters. Stephen King is a mediocre graphomaniac comparing to him. He uses the richness and flexibility of Polish language on the level not known in most of the literature.



    I do not recommend a film, nor series.



    Probably, judging by the 1st game.
    I didn’t like the second one, because of the scripted boss fights, that required a specific approach to win. There was a lot less of that in the 1st game.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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