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      Vilnius, Lithuania’s capital city is well known for its immense rich culture, yummy mouth watering food, fascinating luxurious outdoors, cool bars and friendly locals. Travel to Vilnius is an access to all the beautiful, lavish places of the city. The amazing places leave behind an unprecedented imprint in your lives making your trip exemplary indelible.
    To make your tour in Vilnius successful, we have congregated a list having all the amazing things to do in Vilnius. The list is blended with the great historical and fun and frolic places of Vilnius.

    Explore Old Town

    Old Town is the heart of Vilnius. The town is renowned throughout the world for preserving the traditional Lithuania’s culture. Preservation of the magnificent buildings of ancient of Gothic, Renaissance and classics adds to unique aura of the place.
    The place has narrow streets and innumerable churches of different faiths that result in the unique charisma for the tourists in Vilnius. For a newbie who is unfamiliar with this place, the maze like streets will make you lose your way making it difficult to get back to your pre-decided excursion.

    Lunch at Television Tower

    Television Tower is the tallest building in Vilnius with a height of 326.5 meters. The building reminds about the innocent Lithuanian civilians who lost their lives when Soviet soldiers colonized the tower. On the ground floor, a museum named, ‘Fight for Freedom’ is located which reminds about the perilous venture took by Lithuanians to win their independence.
    At the top of tower (~270 meters high), a restaurant (often named as ‘Restaurant in the Clouds’) is located. The best part of restaurant is the bird’s eye view of the whole city. Moreover, the revolving observation platform provides a breathtaking view of the whole city.

    Skiing in the ice

    Vilnius has several Ski resorts including the renowned Liepkalnis Ski run. The cold winter season at a temperature lower than -3 ºC leads to the formulation of snow. The snow covered resorts lift up the level of excitement, entertainment and enthusiasm. The folks go insane on their snowboards with the serene novelty of the place.

    Explore the International Folklore Festival (often known as ‘Skamba Skamba Kankliai’)

    This Folklore Festival for amateur is celebrated during the last week of May in Vilnius. The festivals allow different foreign groups to come in, perform and explore the eternal beauty of the place.
    The festival includes traditional as well as modern Vilnius culture. The festival is followed by Parades, Opening / Closing ceremony and Farewell party. Folklore groups from all over the world come in and ascend the beauty of the festival.

    Getting to Culture Night

    Culture Night is a one night festival celebrated on the night of 16th and 17th June. Culture Night lets you explore the culture and art of Vilnius.
    Local people believe that darkness lets the visitors explore the culture while enjoying the nature’s beauty to its fullest extent. The festival includes local as well as neighboring people.

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    Cool, one day I will go there, but will probably focus on less crowdy places. Welcome on Slavorum @”Johnny Baltic”.

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